Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mockingbirds and Blue Jays

Its a very cool morning here in Pokeberry. There has been a challenge to the lone mockingbird's ownership over the holly tree, another mocker has been here and the two have been chasing each other. Meanwhile the blue jays are currently in the yard while the mockers are away for the time being. It is a sunny day, I've been busy in the house dejunking things--closets mainly--and bedrooms, vacuuming and dusting and tossing/sorting/laundering. I've called for extra trash pick up this week to get rid of excess stuff. I want to get this house in scaled down shape before we get ready to move.

The boys, Son's 2 & 3, are both ill today. One has a stomach problem, the other a respiratory thing. Nonetheless they are beginning to stir, perhaps they will go to the house afterall today, or perhaps they will stay in.

I work tonite, but just a short shift. I hope to have some work done here and dinner made before I shower and then take a little pre-work nap.

Tomorrow I hope to go out to the house again and work at whatever I can. The kids will be drywalling the ceiling beneath the attic so it can be insualted as the rest of the house is. Hubby has not yet finished making his heating/cooling/ ductwork plans but there is still plenty for the rest of us to do while he 'thinks'.

Yesterday we moved #3 Son back into his old room, and most of Hubby's office things in to our bedroom. The front hall and living room have ended up full of 'stuff' which I am sorting to store, take to the new house, or get rid of.

Always busy here in Pokeberry, no matter what the day brings there seems to be always some work to do.

The boys were at the house yesterday for a short while and saw another lizard--different colored than the one I saw. We're all getting itchy to move there and explore it more. I am constantly making and re-making garden and landscape plans and my Mom in law down in Florida has all kinds of ideas dreamed up for the shed/cabin which she wants to help me turn into a guest cottage--for her I think.

This sure has caught all our imaginations. I'm glad we have done it, though I wish it were getting done more quickly. It is difficult to be patient when some of the help fall sick. Luckily they seem to have both come down with something the same day--though different symptoms. Hopefully we won't all start taking turns with viruses now. Too much to do for that sort of distraction!

Well off I go to shovel through more laundry and such like. :)


  1. Oh, Mary, all the explorations at your new place sound so neat! If only we lived close... We would drop by and cook up some tasty dutch oven fare for you and all your busy workers!

    We have lots of lizards here in the summer. We really enjoy their company and they seem to like watching us as work outside.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kids/workers getting sick! Hope they feel better.