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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning in Pokeberry

Well, I woke a bit bleary eyed and looked out my window without my glasses, seeing the patio floor--I mistook the cement for snow! No--there's no snow, just tired eyes seeing things.

It has been chilly though. Right now it is 20' here in Charlotte, pretty durn cold for Charlotte.

Sweet Pea and Bubba are hollering at me to uncover their parrot cage--sorry guys--Mom's bushed. ;)

Over the weekend we had some help from kids, one is still pretty sick, he made an attempt one day but stayed home the next. The upstairs ceiling is getting done. All the big sheets are up, we rented a gadget to hold the Sheetrock for those pieces, now the smaller pieces are being done and some need cuts for duct work vents and such like. Most of the duct work in the attic is done. There is still a bit of sound-proofing insulation to be installed downstairs in the ceiling--but most of that is also done. All the insulation for weather is done.

I didn't get time or good weather for working outside. I had wanted to begin to build a potager type garden on a sunny side of the house. No matter--I found out that this is where the leech bed is located for the septic system--so it won't be the right location for my plans. I have to change all my thoughts on that part of the land. Too bad--it was a pretty good spot otherwise for that. Now I think it will end up a butterfly garden as I need to plant it with things that don't have deep roots and won't produce a dense ground cover. Deep roots can interfere with pipes underground--and part of my potager plans included fruit trees--so that's out. Deep roots also pick up pathogens from the septic system-- so no food. Dense ground covers or raised beds over septic fields can prevent adequate evaporation as well causing the ground to be too moist.

So- all in all, even if it is the sunniest, best drained spot on the lot-which would be viewed nicely from the dining room and kitchen windows-it is not going to be a potager garden. :( I'll have to rethink my plans.

I worked at the library all day Saturday, so I only helped out at the house on Sunday. I didn't do much useful really, put up some insulation and then my daughter and her friend (boys often come with daughters) took over and finished for me. I made us some burgers on my makeshift grill. I put some extra concrete block around the sides of the grill to block the wind which was blowing pretty steady. The burgers were good.

We all knocked off work by 7ish and were home and in bed probably by 9. The work load lately keeps everyone sleeping well.

This morning the 'important' folks in the library system are meeting to decide what to do about severe budget cuts. I'm waiting to hear. I may lose hours, or wages or I think--it is possible--even my job. Hope not--but who knows? We know that drastic steps must be taken as the county is strapped for cash. There are several reasons for this. One I think is overspending. The other problems are due to the economy. We are a banking center here so this economic problem is hitting us hard and fast. As the banks-- Wachovia and Bank of America both being Charlotte mainstays-- cut jobs, the bankers lose the big incomes they had. BUT more happens. Construction companies which were doing well here are now going out of business, housing is not moving, rentals are empty, property taxes are going delinquent. Sales taxes which support things like our shiny new light rail trains--are going down, down, down. People working in places that serve the banking community in uptown are losing money too.

Basically it is snowballing, and resulting in less money for the county. Since the county runs the library--well-- there you go. Of course they cannot cut police and fire trash collection--all esential--so perhaps library and parks and such like will lose more? We know that the schools are planning to let go lots of folks this summer--why not the libraries? We already have a hiring freeze, why not lay offs?

So that's what I'm pondering right now. If I lose that job--it may be very hard to find another. Certainly it won't pay as well for the kind of work I do. Library work is similar to working in retail--a little more upscale than some retail. Retail pays very little next to a county job however. If I could find a retail job--which is iffy now-- I know I would have to work about 10+hours more weekly to earn the same money. I figured that out a few weeks ago--just to see. Of course it is quite possible I would not find a new job. There aren't many right now.

Well we shall see how things go. I know that I earn my pay and that the work I do is useful work--I also know it is not up to me or any of my bosses who know me if I still have a job tomorrow. Whatever happens I will accept as God's will right now, and I'll do whatever needs to be done to manage on less money.

Right now I see a little finch at the bird bath. She looks very sweet. Over the winter the thistle feeders were barely touched as the finches simply were not here much. Suddenly they are eating and eating and the seed socks need to be refilled soon. It is certainly getting to be spring here, even if it is still cold sometimes.

I do want to get my new garden going soon--I hope that I'll be able to do it next weekend--but who knows?

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