Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, February 20, 2009

Muddy Shoes Off Before Entering!

Today I've been at home. I did run for a little bit of groceries. I've got a London Broil marinating in the fridge and some small potatoes to boil up later as well. I picked up sandwhich supplies for the weekend. Hubby took a vacation day today, thinking he'd have help to do some dry wall on the ceiling upstairs--not yet. Our sick kids are still pretty sick. You just can't plan that sort of thing.

I've been busy at home. I spent some time trying to get our car insurance reduced. We added our daughter to our policy recently after she had been away. Well--here's the thing--since she got her first license in Wisconsin where they issue a probationary 'class D' license, North Carolina which issues 16 year olds regular 'class C' liscenses is only counting less than 2 years of her driving experience! She has been driving legally for 4 years. Therefore they raised our rate by more than double for putting this 'new' driver on our policy.

UGH! Anyhow I am still awaiting news from the insurance agent who told me some hours ago he would call the state DMV and ask why this is so.

Another thing I don't get--our son-- who is a year older than daughter got his first license the SAME day his sister did--yet he is credited with having a class c and she is not. --I'm just afraid they will 'discover' that he doesn't have enough experience either and add more to our rate again.

It is frustrating when this sort of thing happens.

Anyhow-- that is one thing I've spent my day 'dealing with'. I'm also trying to arrange to help take over some bill payments for a family member in Wisconsin who is ill and unable to work--at least for awhile. This requires alot of cooperation and help from other family--so its also a little bit of a difficulty. I think it will work out ok though.

Workwise today, since none of the kids were able to work at the new house, Hubby told me to just stay home. Oh I was so glad--I washed all the floors and throw rugs and scrubbed the stove top. I was feeling like that was all just 'gross'-- which I'm sure any busy woman would know what I mean. ;)

I've put a sign up on the back door-- MUDDY shoes off before entering. I'm mainly concerned with folks who have been to the new house and come home with work shoes covered in red dirt. Now that my floors are clean--well I'd like help keeping them that way.

This week I did some dejunking. I kind of pared down my 'hobby' supplies. I gave a co-worker all my knitting things. She knits--I just sort of 'plan to' knit--and never do it. I figure when the time comes that I want to do needlework and actually have time to do it--I will just stick to embroidery. Knitting is now in my past.

I have also kept drawing and painting supplies--I sometimes do artwork. But for now--I'm too busy.

Today however--I have this urge to draw some birds. I think though I may just take a little nap instead--then make dinner.

Its a pretty day outside. The Mockingbird has been sunning himself atop the holly tree again. I do see other birds sneak in and I assume they are getting some berries. There are still an awful lot of berries--so perhaps they aren't the tastiest?

Well in any case, I'm bushed. So long.


  1. Mary,
    Do you know why Google Reader is no longer sending me your updates?

    I haven't have a post from you in a couple of weeks. I just happened to check on you and found new posts that never made the reader.

  2. Hi Darlene, I don't actually know. I will have to look and see if there's something not done on my side. On my way out the door right now... but will look/see later. :)