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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Semi-Philosophy--Where it Came From--How I Look at Things..

Philippians 4:5 says in part, "Let your moderation be known to all..."

Over the years I've seen many things carried to extremes, often these things would then be reversed or altered and carried to extremes in a different direction. Sometimes I've written about this or that thing in posts about Taking Experts With a Grain of Salt, or under other labels. I've usually tried to write in a gentle spirit--but sometimes my own anger at some issues gets the better of me and I write in ways I later feel a little embarrassed about--especially if I feel I've been at all unkind to someone, or gotten off on a rant,--that bugs me.

On the other hand--I don't know sometimes how to voice my opinions 'gently'. Like when I found out that my new rescue inhaler, which is definitely not as effective as my old one--is the only one I can get now because the Global Warming Jihad had somehow come up with 'science' that made the effective helpful inhalers used by asthmatics illegal as they contained the wrong propellant--God only knows how much of this stuff could get into the air from those two little puffs directly into the mouths of the asthmatics who completely INHALE this stuff!
Yes--that sort of nonsense makes me angry. There are children who cannot breath thanks to this extremist baloney. And I do think it is baloney.

My belief is that Politics in this country is influenced by those who have the loudest voices and the most funding. Usually this is the liberals. Looking at the changes that 'progressives' have foisted upon us in my own lifetime I know it is safe to say that most changes came from the left, and very few were really for our good in the long run. The right has done nothing but try to slow the relentless 'invasion' of an agenda that is not stoppable.

America was supposed to be 'government of the people by the people'. If you think it is that-- look at places like Spokane WA. While I was in that area this weekend I read a letter to the editor. The writer was asking--Why? Why is it that if the people voted down light rail for that city, they were then told a couple years later that land was being acquired for an extra large road medium in order to save room for future light rail? I know why. To progressives--No!--does not mean no, it means wait a bit and keep on pushing, eventually you will have what you want.
In the case of light rail--let me say--I like the train here, its very convenient to those who use it and it is full every day--however-- it is in the red and cannot support itself. It cost more to build and more to run than can ever be paid for by tickets! The taxpayers however must dig that information up on their own as they are never told the truth outright.

I do not think that every change brought about by the left is wrong, there are things I think needed to be done--and actually left or right would have been done in time. Freeing the slaves--oh wait---that wasn't the left was it? Child labor laws, cleaner air and water, civil rights--these are good things. 'Uber clean'--now that's nonsense. When you think the environment is more important than the people themselves-- you've crossed a line. When you also believe that man can somehow control the weather and the seas, well frankly you are an arrogant fool. The earth is studied constantly but no man has a true handle on it. The scientists truly do NOT know where it came from, how long it has been here and what is going to happen tomorrow to it, much less ten years from now. They may tell us they know--they do not.

Policy is created by politicians and then the rest of us go along with it all, handing over our money to fund things we may or may not agree with. Sometimes the things we must fund are even things that we are morally offended by. For instance one of the first things Obama did as president is to make it possible for America to export abortion out of my pocket and the pockets of millions of people who believe it is absolutely evil. This is how Obama began his 'change' agenda, his 'hope you can believe in' and 'reaching across the aisles'. He forced Bible Believing Christians to support something that is anathema to our very hearts.

Speaking of this-- here is a tangent I will stray off on to--Why is it the left seems so hard core about abortion? What makes them think that killing babies is ever going to improve anyone's life?

Well at the core of the progressive agenda is a belief that there are too many people and that God's world (except they do not believe in God--at least not a God who has anything in His control--or should) cannot sustain life.

It isn't true--but unfortunately the loudest voices are going to push it anyhow. In spite of what the overpopulation people claim--it is not overpopulation that causes people to live desperate lives in foreign lands it is corrupt leaders. A very very strong and reasonable case can be made to demonstrate that the earth could easily feed and cloth many many more people than currently live on it--and yet people live in some countries as if this were not true--why? Because of the evil folks in charge of their governments--not because of babies. Yet America sends 'help' in the form of abortion?

Abortion by the way is hypocritically pushed always by the 'peace loving folks' who are always loathe to go to war--no matter how just--, to gentle to spank the bottom of child who is behaving badly, to merciful to put murderers to death no matter how heinous their crime, and too morally righteous to suffer an animal to be harmed, no matter what benefit may come to mankind--yet these gentle folks find it 'kind' to end the life of an infant who has done no wrong, believing they are 'helping' the poor.

Yah.. when I talk about this topic--I can have a very hard time letting my moderation and gentleness rule. I have not written about it sometimes just because I feel so passionately about it I fear to let my words out.

Well, The Bible, which I do believe, admonishes Christians to let their moderation be known--and it is also implied that we are to be gentle and patient and forbearing in our putting up with others and the world we are living in. This is true--we must try not to be loud or angry if we can avoid it--not to be too 'in your face'.

But what we believe is offensive to many, no matter what sort of tone of voice or demeanor we might use--it will offend. We will have enemies even if we don't want to.

Jesus didn't spend time worrying overmuch about the kingdoms of this world, or politics, he was truly interested in preparing his followers for the world to come. However he did leave instructions and an example on how to live in this world, and those he chose to put in charge of the church when he left strived to make those instructions even more clear to the people.
Jesus also called a spade a spade--and this is mainly the reason he was killed. The religious folks of his day did not take kindly to having their hypocrisy pointed out.

In the New Testament not much is said about how to lobby or appeal to the government or how to change laws. Well--in those days most of the church was made up of Jews who really had no power to change the law so what would have been the point? Also many were slaves.

The Apostle Paul however was a Roman Citizen by birth and did have some basic rights and so he demonstrated for us that if a Christian lived in a country where there were legal rights it was appropriate to use them. Paul pointed out the law of the land concerning his own treatment, since he was a Roman citizen, and used it in his own defence and also to gain a greater audience for his message. Other than that, we are mainly told in scripture to pray for our leaders and obey the law that we might live quiet and productive happy lives in this land of sojourn--which is not our true home.

There are those who think that this means Christians have no interest in this world. I have to say this is so obviously wrong--provably so! Just look at how many hospitals are named 'Saint' Jude, Mary, Joseph's, Luke's, Samaritan, Mercy...... etc. Why is that? Some Christian or other started these efforts to help people. How about missions that were founded by Christians who feed and teach poor children, orphans, etc? Of course Christians have an interest in this world, and in doing what they can to help others or to keep the country they live in safe, clean, peaceful, as morally decent as possible--for the sakes of their own families and that of other people's. How many faith based ministries are there out there that provide day care and care for pregnant women or the homeless? 'Homophobic' Christians also provide a great deal of care to gays and victims of Hiv/Aids.

You won't however find a huge number of conservative Christians taking up collections for the environment. Why? Don't they believe in being good stewards? Of course they do!
I have friends with 7, 8 or 9 children who leave a FAR smaller carbon footprint than Al Gore. Hand me down clothes and toys, one pot meals, sharing and caring for each other these families are grateful for all they have including the earth and they do care for it. What they don't do is try to force anyone else to live like they do or to adopt their values or lifestyle claiming it is the 'ONLY' way to save the planet. They don't insist that science paid for by people who are invested in a certain agenda is the ONLY valid science. They let other folks live as they choose, knowing that eventually they will lose that same right.

I added some links to my sidebar this weekend. I wanted to show 'the other side' of some issues. I ended up putting more of them there than I had planned--but there are so many issues that we are only told one side of in this country.

How does this go with my "semi" philosophy--with my idea of moderation in all things? Well I see that there are many good things which have been demonized over the years, causing the demise of whole industries--and this in turn causing unemployment and the destruction sometimes of whole urban areas. Like Detroit, like the small town in Washington State I read about this weekend whose zinc mine is closing leaving almost everyone in town unemployed.

Zinc is used to rust proof cars.

Here's the thing-- America needs energy and it needs industry. Energy and industry is what keeps people from starving and dying and keeps the environment in reasonably good shape--because only folks who are living above subsistence levels can afford to take care of their world. Look at the poor villages in Africa-- look at the land. Do you want to live like that?

Global Warming (aka Climate Change) may or may not exist--is likely not man made--at least not entirely and is being used to push a barge load of change down our throats--much of which will indeed harm our economy and eventually ruin lives in America and leave us sitting ducks for those who do not have our 'gentle' anti-war mindsets and won't mind a bit harming us.

Yah.. I know I'm saying alot in that statement.

I believe it.

On a smaller scale- there are industries that have fallen to 'science' before. The left wields science like a hammer to accomplish their goal of making every living soul live the way they think is best. This weekend I heard news 'sound bites' about HFCS-- high fructose corn syrup. This is again--a demonized product. It is now being demonized on a new front. They couldn't destroy an ingredient used in about 1/3 of our food products in this country just by claiming it makes people fat and all that-- so now they say --well it has mercury in it!

OK--but they never bothered to tell you that most foods do. Mercury is in the dirt itself, and in the water. Did you know that except for some rare industrial accidents in localized areas there has NEVER been one case of mercury poisoning from food? Not even from seafood.

My 'semi' philosophy says 'eat all things in moderation'. If we all do that--we can leave our food production companies in peace and enjoy the fruits of a time when there is historically unprecedented plenty. We can eat whatever we like. We will get fat of course if we eat too much and don't exercise enough--but that is not because of a secret ingredient that is making us fat.

My belief about religion is basically live and let live--I have tolerance for anyone who is also tolerant. People who want to blow me up--they are not tolerant. People who want to force me to live like they do--by ANY means--be it physical force or deceptive science--these are not tolerant folks. Poke them in the global warming and you will find that out.

I believe in peace and prefer it. However, I also know that it is beyond naive to believe that you can have peace with someone who is bent on doing evil. It about makes my skin crawl when I hear Ahmadinajad speak about how the Holocaust never happened and Israel must be annihilated-- exactly on what grounds can we hope to have peace with this man? If he had the power to annihilate us-- he would do it. I shake my head when I see 'peace loving' leftists climbing all over each other to be nice to countries who want us dead. America always blames itself. Is it not possible that some things are not America's fault?

In any case, as I said I did add some links to my sidebar--they are links that will tell you some things you probably won't hear on the news. If you want to read them, do so. You can decide what to believe, I am only presenting another side to some of what you have thought was true. Yah.. I know some of the links I have put up--some on the left will say 'oh but that person is on the fringe'. Yes well we are all on the fringe I guess when MOST of the media is on the left--however--often fringe science has proven to be quite accurate.

Here is one of my biggest 'semi' rules. Take experts with a grain of salt--why? Because they may not really be experts, they may instead have an agenda that they want you to buy into.


  1. First time I have left a comment on this blog. I find it a bit amusing in light of your blog today that "all comments must be approved by the blog author".

    On a moderate level, I agree with you. I believe many issues you have raised have been taken to an extreme. However, by taking such a strident view and extreme views, I believe you contradict yourself. You have made sweeping generalizations, such as the one about liberals, that condemn a whole class of subjects or issues. As to your issue with your inhaler, it is ridiculous. But some of your other assertions have carried your point to an extreme.

  2. Hi Anonymous-
    The reason I moderate is that I've had a few comments that were just plain nasty--not on topic and not at all reasonable. I don't want to edit out folks who may or may not disagree with me. As an example I had a person once absolutely blast me for using sevin dust on fire ants. If he had simply given me some info and been open to discuss it--I'd have posted his comment. Instead he wanted to proclaim me evil for not being an organic gardener. Later I realized his comment was apparently automatically generated as he said the exact same thing about a different post. I've also had folks try to comment in order to sell their products.

    If you care to discuss some particular point I made go ahead and do so. I'm not real sure which ones you think are extreme. I personally think there is information available to back up most of what I said--however--as I said, it may not be that everyone will agree with it all.

    I would like to clarify something about liberal or left --when I talk about that I am not referring to the vast majority of folks who recycle their cans and vote for Democrats--I'm talking about the radical left and the historical radical left--folks that are behind much of a certain agenda.

    Again--welcome! I will reconsider my policy of moderating comments--you may have a point. I recently quit posting at a blog where the owner used that policy to squelch any discussion that strayed from her personal view of Christianity--I guess when I think about it--I don't like that either. I suppose its best to just let some of the nutty stuff get through. Point taken.

  3. Ok--I changed the moderation setting. Comments are open now.

    There still won't likely be many. Most folks who read here don't comment. Also-- I don't write political/religious posts as much as I do just 'day in the life' sort of things --so this isn't exactly a hopping political format.

  4. It's a typical part of the human condition that consider the positions we hold moderate, while everyone else is to some degree or other a radical. I consider almost everything you wrote in this post quite radical. One example: I would rewrite your sentence this way: "What makes them think that limiting the human rights of women by preferencing zygotes is ever going to improve anyone's life?"

    If it really is a question of duelling partisanships (which I don't think it is), then I'm glad that for a change my side is making the decisions, because I can tell you, all us lib/progs are pretty sick of being held hostage to the kind of "moderation" you espouse here.

  5. As usual, Mary...I write a response to your political posts, amd then delete them! LOL.

    Hope your visit with the new granddaugher was great!!!

  6. Well.. I can't think differently about some issues anymore than those who disagree with me can. I can't believe being pro-life is in itself extreme.

    I think this post meandered its way down too many streets at once, I probably should not have been writing as I was overtired and bothered about some things. However--yes this is what I believe. I don't believe our unborn children in massive numbers as have been aborted were mere zygotes and I guess I don't understand a person of faith coming down strongly on the side of abortion. I see faith as something that you have to help you do the hard thing--like for instance the hard thing of denying yourself and preferring the other--as a mother would do with her child.

    Moderation I think I would apply more to the other topics I wrote about. Eat all things in moderation for instance, rather than singling out certain foods that you deem to be bad over others as if there were some moral cause in eating and drinking.

    Lots to disagree on I guess. One thing I will say is you have a right to disagree with me, I have a right to disagree as well.

  7. Julie--I appreciate how you felt writing and deleting--I often do that on topics like this too. I say what I think, then feel like I shouldn't have--it is not so 'nice' to talk about.

    Moti--you know, I am thinking still about that word Zygote.

    Your side --as you called it has elected a man who would not cast even a vote against killing a full term infant whose body had been partially delivered--up to the head--at which point the child would then be killed. Now I find abortion extreme--but everyone I've ever met even those who do not find abortion extreme find late term abortion extreme and disgusting. I am trying to comprehend how it is that someone can decide at which moment of the development of a human being it becomes ok to kill it? Also, how someone who believes the decision to determine when a child is a child is 'beyond his pay grade' how that person can then turn around and support abortion all the way through pregnancy?

    I feel this is something worse than being extreme in one's view it is shoving it off and simply not really grappling with issue at all--rather seeing only the benefits of building a society that is more controllable--sort of like being able to decorate your living room nicely. If you think things are too hard, too ugly, too painful, then simply start eliminating the unwanted and you can manage the rest a little better.

    On the surface things may look better but I think inside it has damaged the soul of the world.

  8. Well.. this topic won't stray far from my head today.

    The abortion issue is something I just cannot give in on.

    I can see how good people can disagree--but then I think back and this is just enormous. Millions and millions of abortions, 1 out 3 babies it is estimated have been aborted--I don't know whose numbers are correct--but it is a staggering number of children lost depending on who you find your stats from.

    A thing is called genocide with far less deaths.

    In Germany when the Jews were being killed-- good Germans somehow managed not to 'see it'. I suppose good people can manage not to see this as evil too, but I would think everyone would find it at least troubling--not just dismiss it as a zygote or a mass of cells. How many of these little blobs had beating hearts? How many had tiny limbs?

    How is it possibly extremist to want to see babies given a chance to live?

    Our grandparents would not have believed such a world.