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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sam's Club or Not?

My Sams Club membership is going to expire soon. I'm debating on it.

Hubby and I talked about what sort of things we buy and do we save enough to make it worthwhile?

What do I like that I buy there?


I generally purchase the following items there, as well as some others, the prices on this list are about 1 month old as I haven't made a Sam's Trip in about that long.

*Milk-1 gallon (jan 09) 2.58
Cottage ch 7.13 7/08 80 oz or 5lb. ( .089125 per ounce) Less than Aldi? *Aldi taste better more consistent--Aldi low fat tasted good too.
Cheddar 5# $13.28 per 5# = $2.656per #; ($1.328 per 8oz.) (end of 08)
*Cheddar 5# $12.27 = 2.454/#; (1.227/8oz) (Jan o9)
Mozarella 5#-$12.28/ = $2.56 per pound; $1.28 per 8oz.(dec 08)
*Mozarella 5# -10.87= $2.174/pound; $1.08/8oz.(jan 09)
Egg beaters--4 cartons 8.79= $2.197/carton
Egg Beaters 4 cartons- 8.58= 2.145/carton
Mozz Sticks 9.88/55+ sticks= $.179 per stick +/-
Asian Stir fry Veggies frozen- 4#8oz for 5.88=72oz= .081cents per oz veggies. Or $1.306 per #
Asian Stir Fry Veggies frozen-4#8oz/ $6.88 (jan 09) (ht sale/cpn gg froz. Veg. .07/oz & vegall frz-sale/cpn-.025/oz)
Flour tortillas 36? 3.56 (dec o8) 4.24/32?
Seeded rolls- hb buns 12-2.28
Ckn sausage 11.84 down in Dec 08 to $11.73 (**estimated- make your own at ½ the price & healthier- if chicken is 1.97 per pound--Jan. 09)
Cascade Dish powder--9.28 ?oz
Clementine Oranges 6.88 per box *we didn’t eat all before they began to mold-refrigerate?
*Wine 5liter- blush 10.86
Folgers coffee 9.77 52oz/3#,4oz-- .1878 per ounce (jpg @ht jan09/ .067/oz)
Folgers Coffee 8.96 (jan.09-) 48 oz. .1866/oz
Ev Olive Oil- ‘bert riserva’ 9.61--very good quality! @ Sams 7/08 *didn’t stay fresh as long as I’d like
*Pure Olive Oil “Members Mark”---3liter, 101oz -16.54= .163/oz-( less than HT sale w/coupon price of .230/oz 1/09) * not evoo--but ‘pure’ may last longer, be lighter tasting--better for our uses) (Crisco oo @ht sale/cpn jan 09-.206/oz)
Flour-25 # =7.26= .29 per pound
Spaghetti noodles 6# 5.34 (pasta is less at Aldi -last price=.84/#; sale price at HT for store brand-jan09-.93/#)
Pasta Sauce (Ragu) *compared to Aldi Jan.09/ Aldi store brand is fine and was less by nearly double, didn’t buy.
Rotini 6.52
*Rice-White Long Grain 25# for 10.49 = .419/pound-- (cheaper than last Aldi price of .596/# in dec.08)
Chicken Soup Base--3.47 makes 4 gallons, less sodium than canned broth
Pecans-2#=9.88 = $4.94 per #
Red Pepper Seeds- 3.86- 13.5 oz =.285/oz
Cayenne Pepper ground-4.42-16oz=.276/oz
Blk pepper whole-5.5

Other things I just thought of that I may or may not have on my current price list:

bulk rice
bread flour
pasta- various types (often buy at Aldi instead)
soup base
large conatiners of spices
FoodSaver bags
Cascade Dish Detergent
Tide Laundry Detergent
Peanut Oil (1 container lasts us a year)
Baking Soda
Meat--sometimes--I may or may not buy meats
Produce--not often as I don't usually want a huge quantity of fresh produce at one time.
Paremesan cheese (sometimes)
Ocassional deals on clothes/towels- wash clothes, swimwear, bulk socks...

I guess, for today I am going to go and buy some of what we generally buy at Sams, and stock up a bit. I'm not sure yet if I will re-up the membership.

Hubby and I are leaning toward doing it--as I do think we are probably getting at least a few dollars a month savings from it. We most likely will change our spending pattern at Sams however since we will live further away after our move. It may be we will need a larger freezer in the long run as the new place is further from most stores, and also we will likely have a larger garden. There will also be much more storage room in the new place. Perhaps, since we still have extra folks living with us, it is at least worth keeping this membership one or more years. I'm not sure when the time comes that it is just Hubby and I that it would be useful anymore.

I have not yet checked to see if there is a different warehouse store closer to the new house--didn't think of that! I guess I need to look at Costco and BJs before we make our decision.

We shall see. :)

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