Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, February 16, 2009

Tree Killing Day at the New House

I do need to take some better pictures soon of our project yesterday. Hubby and I spent the day at the house doing something that was really just for fun. We didn't push to get things done, instead we worked on clearing an area of land. We have a pretty rock lined stream near the end of our lot, at the bottom of our hill. It can't be seen from the house because there is so much in front of it. In some areas we wanted to make little clearings that we could enjoy sitting near. Yesterday we began to do that as a 'fun day' project.

Hubby loves to fire up his old stihl chainsaw. Back when we lived in our home in Wisconsin we had almost 7 acres of woods. Hubby had to cut down well over 100 trees to enable our lawn to grow and so I could have some garden areas. When we moved in to that place it was just covered with scrawny overgrown tall trees, brambles and moss. Not much else would grow, except some lovely woodland flowers. In the five years were were there before Hubby lost his first job in a series of job losses, I tamed and gardened to my heart's content with my trusty chainsaw weilding Hubby opening up the sky for me. The kids well remember hauling wood back then. We heated with wood and had a pretty fireplace too.

Well its been years now since we 'owned a house' I guess we never really did own that one in Wisconsin as once our savings was run through and Hubby was still not making the income he used to, we ended up selling it to please the bank--its real owner. Now we do own a house. There is a small note on it--but it is owed to us--as about 9000 came from our 401K, the rest of the house we paid from our savings for and every thing we are doing to it to finish it up is also being paid for with cash. We don't intend to sell this one for a bank. Anyhow after Hubby's having been 'out of his element' all these years when he would certainly have preferred to have been out killing trees, It made me smile to see him once again rev up the chainsaw.It seemed like an occassion to celebrate and to revel in.

We picked out an area to clear and then he cut and I hauled,I tired way before him, but he kept going cutting and hauling while I cooked up some fish and veggies on a little fire. It was a WONDERFUL day! We ate our fish by a fire and enjoyed sunshine, warm weather and nature.

We made a super huge pile of tangled branches, skinny scrub trees, dead wood and aggressive vines. We didn't burn that particular pile as it was a bit too windy. We will get to it another day. Instead we made a few smaller piles in addition to that--for some smaller controlled burns. In this way we cleared out a large area near the stream.

Once cleared it was revealed that there was a somewhat natural terracing to the land, flat levels with a nice beginning for a path-- large boulders and rocks by the side of they way leading down to the stream. We opened things up so we could see the stream, and Hubby nailed a board to a couple of stumps making us a nice bench to sit on as we tended our small fires.

If you look at the photos I took, the very bottom one is one of the 'before' photos and the top on is a during/after photo, but unfortunately not of the exact same view--still you can get the idea. Things are tidier and prettier. It shows how things were such a mess. I need to go through more photos sometime and post better ones. Anyhow there were trees that had fallen onto other trees, and a vine that was all over the place choking many trees, and some trees that were just not nice looking or dead with limbs that needed to be removed etc..

We cleaned up a nice area and I planted an azalea and some lambs ear near our little spot between some big rocks. My first 'official' planting at the new house. We kept a long hose on hand and watered things out well so that the fire couldn't spread.

We sat listening to tiny birds singing in the thicket near the stream, as well as a larger bird we caught eye of--thrashing about--we think it was either a brown thrasher or something that looks similar and is larger--it appeared bigger--but it could have been an optical illusion. We heard also 2 distinctly different types of frogs as well as the lovely sound of the water in the stream running over the rocks like a little waterfall. We also heard several children playing and walking along the road--it was kind of neat that where we sat, near our stream--you could not see the road. The lay of the land seems to just make things more private. I love it! Its amazing how pretty it looked after a little hard work.

An entirely glorious day! No we didn't spend it inside insulating or getting a bedroom ready for #3 son--who is here now. We 'wasted it'. :) The kids had thier little R&R this weekend and so did Hubby and I. Sometimes that's just the right thing to do. ;)


  1. I can see how certain aspects of this day you could call R and R, but still real hard work clearing a path! It looks just so beautiful there...nothing like down here in cement jungle (south Florida)!!!

  2. Ya, its definitely country. Very different from here in Charlotte as well. Some aspects of Charlotte I will miss, convenience in particular--there's shopping just about everywhere here. In the new place there's no shopping I could walk to, all stores I would frequent are at least 10 minutes drive. Still that's not very far.