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Friday, February 6, 2009

Well That One Did It For Me..

I originally kept on saying I wasn't wanting to make my blog too controversial. I have gone back and forth on this topic and literally been feeling awful over possibly hurting feelings or offending people when I state my opinion on something.

I guess I am not moderate. I guess when I can read that an American could kill a live infant in an abortion clinic and apparently think it is ok--afterall, what is the difference? They were planning to kill it moments before it was delievered anyhow--and who knows? This well could be standard practice.

When I read that, knowing it has been done in places around the world before, so is not so unusual as people think..

Well I have given up the idea of worrying about if I am nice on my blog anymore.

Nice people let the Germans murder 6 million Jews.

It is extremely difficult to know how many unborn children have been killed since Roe V. Wade. Why? Well if you research this topic online you will only find at first that there is said to be a 30% drop in recent years, it will never tell you from what height this drop has come. Some of the pro-life websites will venture to extrapolate some real numbers. One I found came up with a figure very close to 40 million. They seem to have fairly reliable numbers read for yourself.

40 million.

This is in the United States alone.


I just am appalled absolutely disgusted and appalled at the Liberal view of this. I'm sorry, this is not about liberating women. I am a woman. Women who think that this is the way to gain their freedom in life--well I'm sorry--I can't be nice about it. If this is not evil what the heck is? How can so many be so wrong?

Interestingly enough Mr. Obama is not paid well enough to know if a baby who has not yet sucked air into her little lungs is human. Two seconds before this little girl breathed air, she was a non-person in the mind of our president.

Yah.. you betcha. And Sarah Palin--well there's a nut hunh? She apparently seems to think her child was worth giving birth to-inspite of its defects.

Nope its not nice. I think I have come to my end here, I am no longer nice. I can't live with being nice if it means abandoning the principles most important to me. Maybe not many folks read my blog--it has alot do to with triple coupon days and gardens, but the woman who writes here--she has more to say, her life is about family and people. The groceries are for them.

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