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Thursday, February 5, 2009

When Politics Pops Out..

The other day I posted on my political and religious views--and I went down quite a few different roads. I was feeling somewhat frustrated at the time and I think wrote more than I needed to. However--I do feel strongly about some things and I guess I will sometimes speak my mind on those things. After that post someone who had never commented here before said he/she was 'amused' that I moderated comments considering what I had written. Well I changed that, I no longer moderate comments. I really never moderated them in order to sift out people who don't agree with me--it was more to sift out things that sometimes are posted by folks who want to get free advertising or who want to rant against something. Argument I think is different. I believe arguing and reasoning and appealing to each other are things that free people should engage in sometimes. I also think that if someone has a strong view they should feel free to speak strongly.

Anyhow my politics don't 'pop out' all the time here, sometimes maybe more than others. I read blogs of people I don't agree with and sometimes I comment on those blogs. Sometimes I don't. I figure if a person doesn't want to argue or discuss something they don't have to.

Sometimes I have tried to hold my tongue on political and religious issues-and I know some of my readers wish I could manage to do that a little better. I'm not sure, I think I sometimes wish I would too, but then again... well they are my views and I'm not ashamed of them or anything and if I feel a desire to express them--well heck, its my blog. So now and then my politics may continue to pop out--they are part of how I think and act in life afterall.

I don't mean to offend folks when I talk about things like global warming or abortion or food politics. However-- its kind of part of the territory. People who have strong views will likely be offended by others who have opposite strong views--at least a little. I've been offended sometimes by things said by others, I'm sure I've also offended. I do try not to do that, and I also try not to cut off communicating with someone just becuase I have a view they don't agree with. Actually I prefer to know people who are passionate about what they believe and don't mind ocassionally butting heads.

I used to enjoy a little head butting with a gentleman who recently passed away that I met at the library where I work. He could not believe I liked Sarah Palin, he could not believe I was a Conservative. In a way it was almost a point of curiosity I think, he just wanted to know WHY I thought the way I did. I think he had the idea that conservatives were ogres or something that they would naturally appear to look like Dick Cheney and not be 'nice ladies who work in the library'. We had fun arguing a little bit, but deeper down we could never have agreed. Gosh, I will miss him, he was truly a neat person.

I know its not always 'fun' to argue with some folks though. Some folks can't see the humor--and also-- when you argue/discuss things by email or on the web--it is not the same. There are dimensions of converstation that are missed--tone of voice, body language, expression, quicker give and take. These things plus --knowing the person you are talking to better--can make these discussions become too impersonal and too blunt and too crass sometimes. I think of the comments left often on political stories--where the readers post just nasty nasty comments about each other--and I think--gosh if they met in public there's no way they would act that way--I hope.

Well anyhow, here's the thing. My politics will pop out sometimes. I hope I won't offend anyone by writing about things that matter to me on a deeper level than double coupons or propagating forsythia. I like the folks who have emailed me or commented on my blog--many of which have blogs I sometimes go to as well. I like people who are different than me-- although sometimes I have to shake my head at what they think--as I'm sure they do regarding me. I don't want to offend but I know you can't have strong beliefs without doing so sometimes.

Sometimes I have to admit too--I am fascinated, sort of like my friend who passed away. I want to understand what makes a person tick in a certain direction. I don't 'get it' and it makes me wonder. Like Anthony Bourdain for instance. I watch his show, No Reservations. I always find it odd that he has these liberal views and seems to have conscience struggles when slaughtering an animal--and yet-- he simply loves to eat meat. His program with Ted Nugent I thought was just priceless. It showed these two very very different individuals truly enjoying each other's company. Bourdain I think was actually appalled at himself for liking Nugent. I guess I think that sometimes butting heads is one way to get to know folks--but sharing recipes or tips--might be better. A full orbed person however is a total package not just his/her diet.

So there you go.

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