Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho... Its Off to Work I Go... Here, There, Here, There, There, Here Here Here, There, Here...

That's a lengthy title--but my days have been so long! I get up every day with my head swimming full of things to remember and do and plans to make and agendas etc..

Either I am working at home and at my job at the library--or I am working at home and at the new house. I run errands in 2 states, shopping wherever I happen to be when I need something. I am scattered and worn and yet that is what it takes to get the thing done.

This weekend I had 3 days 'off' in a row and was so busy I don't know.... 'Work' as in my job-- now seems like a vacation. It is certainly tidier at the library and quieter.

Anyhoo. We put up 70 sheets of dry wall last week and now we need another load. There are some details Hubby and sons need to take care of before putting up the rest. The top floor is dry walled--except behind showers--that will get done too, but the guys are moving downstairs now. Daugther helped put some of the dry wall up, I didn't but I do 'mud'. I put joint compound over screw holes and joints basically, and each screw or joint must be covered 3 times before the main sanding is done, then the priming and painting comes.

I've also done a bit of gardening, got a new bird feeder and put it up near the garden where the birds have been ignoring it mainly. I have heard more birds in the area, and am just biding my time--sooner or later they will come. ;)

Here at the old place, I've been seeing more of Jr lately. I'm feeling bad about it. Yesterday I broke down and gave him some food again. He seemed to be starving--not really--but he was 'looking at me' through the window and then he managed to ring the wind chime, I think probably he was after a finch near it. I guess I findally gave in--but I can't make a habit of it and I hope he will go away. I know Hubby will never allow a kitty to move with us and I can't have him in the house with my birds, nor did I ever want or ask for him to be in the garden. I notice the cat across the street is pregnant again--I wonder if she is Jr's Mommy?

Well otherwise the weather has been sort of yucky lately, raining alot, chilly and damp. The fruit trees in our area are flowering now, the dogwood not yet--but the buds are getting bigger.

Birds are all over the place every day and there is great rejoicing early each morning--the concert--I wish I had something to record it--it is just incredible the amount of birdy voices here.

I've got a menu plan posted on the fridge. I had to get input from Hubby to write it. I think my mind is fried with details-I got so I didn't know what to cook anymore. ;)

Anyhow tonite is beer pizza--the pizza with beer in the crust. Tomorrow we're having ribs, they were on sale. We had some corn beef over the weekend taking advantage of another sale. Just the simple fact that I KNOW what is for dinner each day is helpful. I don't have to think about it. I just shovel laundry and dishes in and out and life goes on.

I'm working at my job today and tomorrow and at the new house Thursday and Friday, job Saturday, house Sunday. Day off?? What's that??

It will be good when we got to the moving part and only have one Pokeberry to tend.

Yes, I've been a bit quieter-- well now you know why. ;) All I want for Christmas is a nap. ;)


  1. Good to see you back again - we miss "Pokeberry" when you take time off!!

    As for Junior, the kitty - don't you have to be concerned about mice at your new home? We have not had a problem for months and now caught two last week, one of which was headed into my pantry! Living in the country just seems to come with mice and no matter how hard we try to outsmart them, they find a way in. We are diligent with traps as we know the damage they can cause. But sometimes I wish we had a cat here - but the dog does not!!

  2. I owe, I owe, it's off to work I

    Glad to hear from you Mary. I'm sorry, but glad you're busy. It means stuff is going forward on the homefront and that's gotta be ALL good. Hope you get to move in soon.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling "on vacation" while at work!!!!!