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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A House With Rooms!

We are almost finished with our drywall hanging! Today will almost certainly wrap up that part of our project. Hubby will then turn his attention to hooking up tubs and toilets and sinks and installing cupboards and doors. Very cool!

The Dream project has been going on now for a couple of years, we finally purchased a place in early December and were able to start working on some of it then. After our visit to meet our new Grandbaby we got busy really working hard on a near daily basis. Its been interesting. We live in North Carolina and the house is about half an hour away in South Carolina. We work around work and school schedules for the 5 of us-- Hubby & I and our three '20 something' kids who are still at home. It has taken time, we've had to do all our own plumbing and electric, repairing of things that needed to be done better--Hubby has lifted up walls a couple of times to install better support or to straighten things that were bowed. We did all the insuallating and all the drywalling ourselves. The dry wall is in process now of being mudded and taped to prep for paint. I'm so proud of my crew!

I was out at the house yesterday doing another clean up session. I brought some of my plants to the garden but we had steady rain all day so I worked in the house not in the garden or yard. Today I get to do more work outside--as well as help with taping and mudding. Yesterday while #2 Son installed ceiling light fixtures & switches with his Dad, #3 Son worked on dry wall details, doing the smaller cuts for things like entry ways and such like. Daughter and I cleaned and she also taped. I bagged up more trash, carried small pieces of dry wall and wood out of the work areas and organized all the tools and parts for the guys.

I was so happy when I got home that I have such a well stocked pantry and freezer and fridge. I put together a great stir fry dinner in not very long at all. This morning I'm leaving a chipotle black bean salsa soup in the crock pot when I go back to work all day. Both these meals were made using leftovers and and canned and frozen ingredients and required almost no prepping. :)

Its been a busy week. I worked a few days at my job and a few days at the house. I picked up decorations and table supplies for a wedding shower at work and with my Daughter's help managed to bring a veggie platter and several trash bags of inflated balloons to work inspite of having worked til close the night before and opening in the morning. Quite a whirlwind of tasks got done. The shower was great- the room turned out pretty and the new bride, one of my co-workers was just thrilled with every little gift. :)

I'm enjoying Spring here in Charlotte--there are trees in bloom all over and vines and such like. Right now my Carolina Jessamine is blooming away on the arch trellis--I have found that this same plant is also in some tree tops on my property! The arch trellis looks so pretty next to the dogwood tree here, I will probably arrange for a similar scene at the new house, since I have a little baby dogwood to plant there.

Yesterday I dug up my pink camellia shrub and a baby mimosa tree and some more succulents to take to the new place. I expect to be able to plant them today. I left them in containers in the rain for the day-- I'm sure they'll be fine.

Junior is here hoping for a treat I'm sure. I do have little baggies of chicken scraps in my freezer door for him. I don't give him food every day, but I do sometimes. He is the smallest cat in the neighborhood that I have seen. He looks healthy but just small. He still has my vote for making the trip to the new house--but also still isn't Hubby's cup of tea. Hubby wants a German Shepherd Pup--well I do know that if a dog is raised with cats they will get along. My brother's Shepherd actually had a pet kitten that he loved to have nearby when he slept.

Well, Hubby has gone off already this morning and I am finishing up some laundry and need to get our kids up and hit the road myself. Weekends are our best work days I think, I love to work out there when he is able to come along.

I was just so tickled yesterday to be able to see all the rooms laid out with real walls and to look out my many windows at the pretty woods and the brook down the hill with so much water in it right now from all the rain. I'm also very intrigued to see all the little plants coming up now on the bare red earth. I can't wait to find out what they all are!

Wish we were all finished but it will still be a while longer. :) Getting there though!

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