Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Need Some Good Reasons to Keep a Cat--Got One?

I'm trying to convince Hubby that it would be ok to bring Junior the feral kitty to our new place.

He's not a fan of kittys.

So far I came up with this one:

Mice like to eat wiring in boats and cars, a good cat on a place will be terric help for that.

I got that idea from Jackie Clays 'Ask Jackie' column in the latest edition of Backwoods Home Magazine.

Hubby has a fishing boat and an old camaro that he doesn't take out often--I'm thinking that's a pretty good argument in favor of Junior.

Junior seems bound and determined to be my cat. He knows all the tricks--just how to look at me...

There are a few other cats from the neighborhood that seem to want to make Pokeberry their home now. This is getting crazy! One has claimed the driveway, she seems to enjoy sunbathing on it.

The cats are all bigger than Junior, he is a small sleek black kitty and I think is prettier than all the rest. He's also the only one who comes to sit on the carport patio and is here every day. The other cats, the new ones, being bigger than Junior sometimes try to chase him off.

Well anyhow.. here he is.. it only seems right to keep him.

If you can think of something a cat is good for-- let me know! I'll add it to my list.


  1. It will be an expense to keep him with vet bills, and he should have rabies and the other shots for being outside, and...flea control. My friend is moving from where she is now, and all these cats started coming around, and she was feeding babies and adults...I think 7 in all. She had to trap all but one. She had a cat, and then she fell in love with this one feral cat who was now she has 2 cats, but has the bills for two as well. She did not want to leave them all to starve to death, or of flea infestation (or live a life of agony with fleas), and the shelter here puts all feral cats to sleep...( a humane thing to do under the circumstance).

    It is a big decision...I wish you the best of luck with it!

    P.S. My cat is good for keeping rats and lizards away, but is also famous for attempting to kill any bird he can. Something to think about if you will have a birdfeeder!

    Good luck, Mary! :)

  2. I had the expense in mind, which is probably not good for the budget. We are planning also to get a dog--mainly because out in the country I just feel more secure with a dog--as does Hubby. Also, over the years we always have had dogs--except the past few years while renting.

    Right now-- the cat has none of those benefits. There are so many cats running around this neighborhood! There's one that looks alot like Junior coming here now--except for its tail, and I see the lady across the streets cat is again pregnant. Just crazy.

  3. We vote in favor of Junior. He might save you the cost of appliance replacement. We know several people (dog people) who have had mice invade secretively and chew wiring and damage household appliances. A costly service call, too.

    Also, he might help with pantry patrol. Mice always seem to find the way there.

    Yes, pets add expense to life but they also bring great joy and many lessons....

  4. Well.. he would almost certainly remain an outdoor cat--due to the fact that he's never even been petted by a human--he knows who I am--but he doesn't come close to me, just waits in the holly shrub if I bring him a treat.

    I think--its hard to make this call--but he makes me feel happy when I see him--that's probably not the best reason to take on responsibility for an animal--but nobody else cares for him at all. He seems destined to be a smallish cat, and is beautiful, sleek and black and healthy appearing, though small.

    I will add your reasons to my little list. Thanks!