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Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Chug Mode

I was thinking of how to word my title this morning. Full Steam Ahead would certainly not be accurate. I worked last night and I think I need new shoes as my arthritic problems are in full swing. Sore and stiff all along my back, hips, legs and knees I had a hard time getting up this morning--actually I staid in bed an extra hour and a half. I'm tired. I'm tired and I'm not really carrying as much of a load as others.

Last week the boys hung 70 big sheets of drywall, so the upstairs is all done, yesterday Hubby and #3 Son rented a trailer and lugged about 50 more sheets to the house. We think that is all we will need to finish that task by getting the downstairs done. #2 Son had classes yesterday.

Daughter and I have been taping and mudding the drywall, but yesterday I was informed that we are temporarily at least- 'laid off' from the taping. Apparently we are not doing something right. So I'm fired? Funny, its not a fun job but I didn't think we were so bad.

Ah well... Anyhow The kids have weekend plans and I can hardly expect them not to take time off sometimes. I have to work Saturday anyhow. I'm not sure what Hubby will work on--but I'm sure he'll go out to the house and do something to move the process along.

Today I think the kids will sleep in most likely and then go out to the house for a few hours and get started on something. I am going to be pretty slow moving this morning I know that. I should probably run a few errands and go see if I can start to clear space downstairs for dry walling--or mud more screws at least since I'm not to touch the tape.

I've kept up with laundry and dishes and housework here by just shoveling things through every day. Every morning there are the regular chores and I tackle things like vacuuming, washing throw rugs, bathrooms, sheets--that sort of thing-- in small daily nibbles. Yesterday I washed all the throw rugs and vacuumed before work. Last week I had daughter clean all our ceiling lights and fans-- after winter they were pretty gross--she said the ceiling fan in my bedroom was the worst--which is not good with my allergies and asthma. Good thing that got done!

Its a hard rowing process here, yet we just feel if we keep on doing at least 'something' every day we'll get it done. Having the menu plan made and posted on the fridge this week was great. I'm pretty tired sometimes, its good not to have to 'think' about what I'm cooking.

I had some encouragement from my young neice this week-- she's a young single mom who has been working her way through nursing school. This week she passed her LPN Test and she is about 1 semester from getting her RN. She will get a raise now at work since she's got some credentials. Her little girl, now in kindergarten is learning to read. Its been a long hard haul for this gal, the family is so proud of her for taking on life by the horns and setting a goal for herself and going for it. She is also planning to buy a house soon and to get married. She just says it was all so hard the past 5 years, but she had a good support system behind her and she is glad she has hung in there. It took her a long time to get this far, longer than it might have for many girls--but she has done it!

It made me think because my kids have been uprooted so much by our moves and Hubby's job loss that came while they were in highschool. We've lived in 3 states and are moving now to a 4th one. Its hard to go to school or get jobs or meet people with this sort of moving around. It has set them back alot. I know that. I feel awful for it. I don't think I could have made it easier though, it just happened this way. We have done what we could--which wasn't ideal, but it was our best for our situation.

Well... this move means the kids do have to establish residency again in a new state and then go to school. It will take a year, during that year--God willing-they will all find jobs and save money. I hope. Hopefully they will at least take one class per semester while waiting so they get a start. Its hard because non-resident tuition is just about double the price. The kids know lots of young folks who have lost jobs or had to delay finishing school because of lack of money. They are coming up in tough times.

In a way I think tough times are good for them. We had it rough when we were young. Hubby went to school when we already had 2 children, it was hard. It isn't how I wanted it to be for our kids but so it was.

I want to roust them all early and say c'mon--lets go! lets get out there and get that dry wall up and lets get this house done quick! The sooner its done the sooner we can get going on all our dreams...

But-- as I said, we're not 'full steam' today. We're in 'chug mode'. Chugging along at the speed we are able to go, we have come a long ways, like my neice, but we're not quite there yet.

We will be, so will my hard working neice.

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