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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Insulation Inspection Today.. Chilly Morning

Well I just put a pot of Knefla soup on the stove for later. I'm working tonite, but home this morning. It is ffffff reezing here in Charlotte-- 23' so far. The snow is half gone outside, but probably won't do much more melting until afternoon. I was out and put some water in the birdy bath and some chicken scratch and seeds in the party feeder.

Hubby double-checked at the new place last night the inspector comes today. We hope we'll be starting the next phase in a day or two--God willing we pass inspection.

He said the new house is warm! I guess because it is so well insulated. The house we are renting is 'not so much'. Cold air leaks in all over the place here, so during winter the furnace runs most of the time and during summer the AC is about the same. It will be nice to move to our new home when its ready and save some money finally.

Looks like about 1/3 of what is left in our new house budget is going to be going to pay taxes and penalties for what we borrowed and withdrew from our 401k. That's a tight squeeze--but I think of it this way--had we left that money in there--we'd have lost it by now as the fund we used to have our money in dropped hugely since we took it out. We put it all in a slower growth plan now--what is still in there, but still-- buying the house really was a good idea when we did it, the money would have been gone had we waited another week or two! That's how fast the market dropped--we really seem to have gotten out just in time--even if we do have some penalties to pay and taxes, we own a house.

We need to get that house done soon, I hope today's inspection won't slow us down any that we won't have any more folks get sick or anything.

I spent a little time trying to figure out what my unemployment might be if/when I get laid off. Its a little better than I had thought, but still not much.

I've been rethinking alot of things. I did my grocery big shop at Aldi this week and Compare Foods (Mexican grocer near me). The kids made a run to Food Lion for a few things too. I'm at about $100 a week to feed 5 adults. Right now however I am relying on a well stocked pantry and freezer, I'm sure if I didn't have that my bill would be somewhat higher. Hubby says we need to 'tighten our belts'. I'm wondering where??

Ah well, we'll work it out.

The kids are looking for work--although if they succeed and all get jobs--we aren't quite sure how that would work out transportation wise. Well, right now, they haven't had any nibbles anyhow.

Worry about the next bridge when its time to cross it I guess.

I think when you are doing what you can, generally things tend to work out. If you aren't--well it will only get worse. Most problems don't improve if nobody is working on them.

It is chilly out, but at least the sun is shining and the sky is blue. The mocking bird has figured out how to land on the pool cover and get water from beneath it-- which is good cuz the bird bath is frozen. I've seen sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, the mockingbird and finches this morning. Very nice!

Hope that inspection goes well!

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