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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Its at the Other House...

Yesterday #2 Son had classes and Daughter being out of town, I asked #3 Son to help me with the things that needed doing here in the rented house in Charlotte, rather than work on the new house.

My list of 'to do's' were begin dismantiling the veggie garden here by pulling up all my wood and rebar stakes, removing my little brick paths, and digging up some little wild trees that I want to transplant at the new house. I also wanted him to cut the grass in the yard and get the Christmas lights off the roof--which should have come down a while ago--but since we've been so busy we didn't get to that.

Well-- turns out-- the mower needed gas and all the gas cans were at the house.
The ladders required to remove the Christmas lights--are at the house.
The shovels to dig up the little trees... at the house.

Oh good grief!

No matter, when #2 Son came home from school we found out he keeps a small gas can in his trunk so we used that to fuel the mower and now the grass is cut. Most of the garden tear down is done--I just need to grab a shovel when I'm out there today so I can dig up my little stray trees--and anything else I want to take with me next weekend to transplant at the house. None of our ladders will fit in my car--so the Christmas lights will need to stay up til the weekend.

I did all the house work stuff I needed to yesterday and made a grocery list--its pretty small which is good, our budget is tight. I still have lots of food and other things stock piled in my pantry and freezer so this is a good time to be using that stuff up rather than spending money we need for the house.

Last night after dinner Hubby and I sat outside on the carport patio and enjoyed the many birds in the yard. Its the first time we've sat out there since fall. Reminded me of how nice it was here all summer with the pool and all our little visits in the evening on the patio. I wondered where we would make our little 'visiting spot' at the new place. I thought about what we would see there-- the woods around us, maybe some deer or flying squirrels, different birds?

After we went inside I began to work on dinner for tonight--I made some salsa and browned some beef with onions and jalapenos for tacos. I plan to be at the house early today and work on my garden there. I'll leave for home sometime in the early afternoon and then stop for my groceries and come and assemble the rest of our dinner before everyone else arrives.

It was nice to wake up this morning and have most of my work here already done for the day. The weather report is good for gardening too--it will be in the 60s but partly cloudy--so good planting weather.

Sunday I took many of my herb plants to the new house and planted them. I divided my big comfrey plant into 5 different plants. I put them atop the slope near the garden. They will grow very tall and full and flower nicely and provide lots of leaves that I can use in my compost. Hubby brought one of my compost bins out to the house for me and assembled it. The new place has lots of oak leaves but no grass to speak of. I filled the bin about half full with leaves. I needed something green to add to the brown ingredients in order to heat up the compost. Well-- since #2 Son cut the grass yesterday I had him put the bagger on the mower and he caught enough fresh green clippings to fill a couple of small trash cans. I'm going to take that out to the house today to get the compost started. I need lots of compost because the 'soil' at the new place is mainly sand on the top and clay underneath. There isn't anything that I'd really call soil. Adding lots of compost will in time make the soil fertile and fluffy. :) I love my compost bins, they heat up pretty fast--but I only have two and I will probably make several 'cold compost' heaps as well as have these two 'hot compost' bins going. Eventually there will be plenty of organic material to add to the soil. We also hope to haul out some top soil at some point in the future--but that is pretty far from now as the budget is tight.

I did some research yesterday on costs involved in setting up heating systems. We may end up going with a heat pump and supplementing it with a small wood burner or two. At the moment it seems to be least pricey to get going on. We need to decide soon as it is just about time to get that hooked up now. We must have a furnace of some sort hooked up before we can get occupancy. Personally I think that AC is more important in our climate that heat. It can get incredibly humid and hot here for more months than it is cool--and it is never as cold as it was when we lived in the north. Fargo in particular was quite chilly, for many months of the year.

I'm glad Hubby wants me to work on the garden now--Its important to get most of that work done before it warms up too much. Its hard to be digging much when the real heat comes.

I talked to #1 Son last night by phone. He and his wife are nearly ready to move to her Dad's house. They've been looking for ways to increase their income that allow her to continue to be with the baby. She has found a part time job caring for a special needs 4 year old. She will go to the house and can bring the baby along. My son has banded together with a couple of other musicians who like him teach music lessons on the side from their day jobs. They are looking to get their own rented facility to teach from rather than work out of the music store. The music store takes too much of their earnings. Now he is thinking about possibly in the future finding a building to rent in which his wife could do daycare and he and his friends could do music lessons too-- a duo purpose place--someplace in the business district of their city.

They are both very talented. She is a trained deaf interpreter who used to work for Headstart and he is a gifted guitar player whose music has been published by a couple of bands. He has done music lessons for about 5 or 6 years as a part time thing while working at a regular job.

For now, they will likely not go 'whole hog' into this idea, but take it a step at a time. Who knows though? Maybe they will build up a pretty good business in time.

I love to see my kids have dreams and persue them. :)

Speaking of dreams.. I guess I'd better get dressed so I can go work on mine!

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