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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've Got My Milk! Let it Snow..

When it is going to storm in Charlotte locals head to the grocery store for milk. I have no idea why--but they all get extra milk. Yesterday there were so many of them out there on the roads I turned back and skipped my Sam's club trip. I saw a line of over 20 people with shopping carts standing outside Sams and figured the lines inside would be even worse and surely not conducive to my usually pokey comparison shopping.

Well today I braved some pretty wicked rain fall to head out to Aldi instead of Sams and then a quick stop at Compare Foods for just a few things that Aldi doesn't have.

I wanted to be done fast as I don't know when the temp will drop here and all that rain turns into snow. We are supposed to get 3-5 inches- so far-- the reports keep on changing.

I do not want to be on the road here if it is snowing-- Charlotteans are not the best winter drivers. Its best they go get their milk and be safe at home before the weather arrives.

Aldi was low on milk too-- they had about 4 gallons left of the skim which is what I use.

I do shake my head on that--I don't get it. 'Snowed in' in Charlotte couldn't last more than day. Even though they don't have snow plows the snow will be gone by the next afternoon--almost guarranteed. I can't imagine being truly snowed in here. But--well IF somehow that does happen. I have my milk. I'm good.

Hubby and sons are out at the house where they are blowing insulation into the attic. We should be able to get another inspection done now.

Funny... on my other blog I kind of ranted about some houses in York County SC--probably not more 20 miles from our new place. These houses are just in really bad shape. I wonder at it. I can't get an occupancy permit on our house until we pass all these inspections but these folks can live in theirs with no sewage or running water and trash all over the place and walls/roofs/caving in. How come?

Well that's a topic for Pokeberry Unleashed I'm sure. It does make me wonder though.

Its a very quiet day with nobody here but me and the parrots. Bubba is in the midst of a rather involved bath, Sweet Pea is watching and no doubt will have to what Bubba just did any time now. I've watched a mockingbird outside get pelted with rain so that he took shlter under our boat. The wind chimes are going and there are streams in the driveway. Its 35' so far and I'm sure we've had several inches of rain so far.

Other than my grocery trip today, I do have my coupons out to cut--I may run out Tuesday morning and get coupon deals so I'm preparing for that. I updated my Aldi price list and came up with some new comparison prices for Aldi and Sams-- Aldi started to carry more spices and some may be less pricey than Sams.

I noticed in the grass here that there is catmint and clover growing. I think I will dig some starts of those--as they would make a nice ground cover. I'm not a big fan of grass--especially here where it is so hard to get a healthy grass lawn going. I've been thinking of what sort of herbs or other plants might make a good herbal lawn for some areas of our new place. I think I will also dig up the rose of sharon plants my next door neighbor gave me last spring and take those along when we go.

This morning I noticed my pale pink camellia has its first bloom. I wonder if the rest of the buds will end up damaged by ice tonite--probably.

I've got a nice hot pot of chili in the crock pot for when the guys get home. That should be perfect for a wet cold day's dinner.

Brrry day in Pokeberry.

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