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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Taking Stock

It was a bit of a tough few days, just trying to sort out in my own mind how much work is left and keep myself from getting that overwhelmed feeling.

The kids took Friday night and Saturday off and went to visit friends. Yesterday the boys were back in town, working with their Dad out at the new house, on wiring and dry walling. The chores seem to have fallen in directions most in keeping with each one's ability and interest. #3 Son is hanging drywall mainly, #2 Son works mainly on wiring. Hubby oversees both and helps out with both and is busy planning the next steps. I spend time each week sweeping up and cleaning and dejunking and organizing the work areas so they can get at things and get done more easily. I also keep the flow of food and laundry going and am working on moving plants, closing the garden here and expanding the garden there. :) (not bad work) Daughter, when she is here, either helps me in the house or works alongside #2 Son hanging dry wall or helps me with clean up.

The upstairs is entiredly dry walled at this point, except behind the shower--Hubby has to do some constructing there. The downstairs ceiling is about 99% drywalled--needing only a bit of wiring to be finished before it can be completed. Many of the downstairs walls are done as well. The new doors are purchased and waiting to be attached and for doorknobs to be added. The doors we bought are not pre-hung--so carpentry will be required for each doorway.

At this point-- we need to prioritize and re-think things and that sort of thing. We're always doing that. One thing that is difficult is that the building inspectors for the county tend to tell us different things when it comes to the big question:

What MUST be done to get occupancy--and what can we finish up later?

Its important because we are working on a pay as you go basis and paying rent here in Charlotte--we'd like to move in as quickly as possible to free up the rent payment and put an end to the multiple back and forth trips. Apparently there is no 'list' of what exactly is a 'finished enough' house. It is also luck of the draw in some respects because we don't know which inspector will do the next 2 inspections and one is more lenient it seems.

Ah well..

Anyhow I need to be on my toes right now-- money is a major concern and the biggest waste of cash that is in my control is the grocery budget. I need to be sure there is enough food on hand so that all these folks working don't run out of steam.

Today is my 'at home' day. I need to spend it taking stock. Clean out the fridge, make a new menu plan for the week ahead, get groceries, make dinner and have some sides in the fridge to grab quick as well supplies for sandwhiches or salads to go with leftovers.

I am also closing down the garden here, so I have a bit of work to do in the yard, mainly I want to get all my gardeny stuff out of the veggie garden today, clean it up and mow it. The grass here will take it over in no time, it is a creeping sort of centipede grass mixed with other things.

If I get all my chores done well here today I can go out to the house again tomorrow and not worry about things here.

Wednesday,Thursday & Friday I am working at my library job and then I have a few days off again.

Busy every day.

Although at times it seems a little overwhelming and things get a bit frustrating--we keep nibbling away at the new place and it is getting done--so far seems to be pretty close to on schedule. I am starting to wonder a bit about the budget though-- I think we need to cut it a bit more, and keep it tight. Of course more and more expenses show up all the time and news about the economy is just always dreadful--which is all the more incentive to 'get it done'.

One thing we 'splurged' on this weekend--Hubby got me a little pink dogwood tree to plant. It was about $25. It will have pretty pink flowers in spring and red leaves in fall and then also red berries that the mockingbirds love. :) I plan to plant it so that it can be seen from our big dining room windows and be near the garden and bird feeders. I hope to be able to go do that tomorrow--maybe tonite if I can get things done quickly here today--we shall see.

At the new place yesterday I heard an owl, mourning doves, a mockingbird, some smaller twittery birds, and something 'wild sounding' in the many acres behind us. The hunter who leases the land behind us worked out a deal with us. He can use our driveway to get access to his land and in return will bring us some fresh fish or deer sometimes. That'll be nice. In particular we LOVE fresh fish. The small lake that is behind us (we can't see it from our place) contains crappy mainly he said. That will do. The hunter also told us to beware the coyotes in the area, and that if we saw one we should shoot it as they will kill family pets. I don't know about killing coyotes--but I did think, maybe Junior the feral kitty should stay here.

Well my to-do list is calling me, looks like its going to be a lovely day, I best get going so I can play outside when I'm done!

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