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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plotting Out The Week..

We've been treated to some extra warm weather but it won't last long. Today will be nice and tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm working most of the day so it doesn't count. ;) After tomorrow the weather is going to cool off and get rainy into next week.

Today is my big window of opportunity is what this all means. Sunday I started the new garden, using a bed the former owner had built of ugly huge concrete block. Today I want to go out to the house and work on improving the garden as much as I can in one day. I also have to get some groceries. I'm busy figuring out all the ins and outs of the day and the week ahead to get done what I need to and enjoy/take advantage of the weather today.

Looking outside right now the birds are all in nesting mode. There is constant activity here. I can't wait til my new home also has so much birdy business going on in it! When I was there over the weekend I saw a mockingbird atop one of the pines on our lot, and also a few lizzards that I disturbed when I was working in the garden. There hasn't been a central spot to attract birds on the lot yet, today I hope to change that. Without taking down all my best birdy stuff here where it is in use by nesters, I want to add some feeding stations and a bath to the new place. I'm going to do this as cheaply as possible for now.

It takes time to attract birds, but I've discovered it isn't that long. In most of the places I've lived I managed to have birds feeding in my yard within a few days. Usually though it takes a season or two to attract nesters--especially if you don't have small trees and shrubs in the yard. I have trees--but mainly they are oaks and pines. They're not the best for nesting, I will be looking to get deals on shrubs and some smaller trees. The new place needs so much it will take a long time to get it all 'furnished' especially on a bare budget.

Plant trades and swaps are my best bets along with propagating my own plants. I can sometimes buy a few things here and there but for the most part I have to 'pass up' purchasing plants. I just don't have the budget for it.

I've been checking out beautiful library books full of full color photos of fabulous gardens. I bring them home and Hubby and I ogle them and ooh and ahh.. but we know we aren't going to have the sort of bucks that the folks who own most of these gardens have--no matter. A gorgeous garden can be in anyone's budget--if you take your time and are careful to learn and to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way. My best frugal friends have always known how to stretch their pennies into pretty gardens.

I plan to take my camera along today and get some before/after photos to post to show some of what I am doing with my new garden. Fun!

I've decided to name it my Pokeberry Potager, as it is sort of inspired by the French version of a kitchen garden--containing not just veggies but herbs, flowers and all sorts of plants.

Well outside at the moment we have blue jays trying to annoy the mockingbird again. There are several of them here. I guess I can see now why the Mocker dislikes them so much, they seem bent on attacking his nest. Meanwhile the Carolina Wrens are continuing to tend their nest here on the patio. There are cardinals upset this morning as well, I don't know if tehy have a nest under assault or not but there certainly is a great deal of flutter and scuffle going on in Pokeberry.

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