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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sams Club and Aldi Price List, Updated March 30, 2009

Last Updated March 9, 2009


**MEMBERSHIP COST-2009-? (will update soon as mine is almost due)

Milk- 1 gallon- 2.59
*Milk-1 gallon (jan 09) 2.58
Milk-1gallon- 3/09/09- 2.18
Cottage ch 7.13 7/08 80 oz or 5lb. ( .089125 per ounce) Less than Aldi? *Aldi taste better more consistent--Aldi low fat tasted good too.
Cheddar 2# 6.42- 3.11/# ( dec08)
Cheddar 5# $13.28 per 5# = $2.656per #; ($1.328 per 8oz.) (end of 08)
Cheddar 5# $12.27 = 2.454/#; (1.227/8oz) (Jan o9)
Cheddar 5# 9.47-march 09
Mozarella 5#-$12.28/ = $2.56 per pound; $1.28 per 8oz.(dec 08)
*Mozarella 5# -10.87= $2.174/pound; $1.08/8oz.(jan 09)-* had to buy it shredded--8.56/5# mar.09
Egg beaters--4 cartons 8.79= $2.197/carton
Egg Beaters 4 cartons- 8.58= 2.145/carton
Mozz Sticks 9.88/55+ sticks= $.179 per stick +/-

Asian Stir fry Veggies frozen- 4#8oz for 5.88=72oz= .081cents per oz veggies. Or $1.306 per #
Asian Stir Fry Veggies frozen-4#8oz/ $6.88 (jan 09) (ht sale/cpn gg froz. Veg. .07/oz & vegall frz-sale/cpn-.025/oz)
Lasagna- 8.82 for 96oz
Pork Egg Rolls- 8.82/20 egg rolls

Flour tortillas 36- 10”/ 3.56 (dec o8) 4.24/32? Mar. 09/ 4.58
Seeded rolls- hb buns 12-2.28
Ckn sausage 11.84 down in Dec 08 to $11.73 (**estimated- make your own at ½ the price & healthier- if chicken is 1.97 per pound--Jan. 09)


Cascade Dish powder--9.28 ?oz

Clementine Oranges 6.88 per box *we didn’t eat all before they began to mold-refrigerate?

*Wine 5liter- blush 10.86
Folgers coffee 9.77 52oz/3#,4oz-- .1878 per ounce (jpg @ht jan09/ .067/oz)
Folgers Coffee 8.96 (jan.09-) 48 oz. .1866/oz--

Ev Olive Oil- ‘bert riserva’ 9.61--very good quality! @ Sams 7/08 *didn’t stay fresh as long as I’d like
*Pure Olive Oil “Members Mark”---3liter, 101oz -16.54= .163/oz-( less than HT sale w/coupon price of .230/oz 1/09) * not evoo--but ‘pure’ may last longer, be lighter tasting--better for our uses) (Crisco oo @ht sale/cpn jan 09-.206/oz)
Peanut Oil-

Chicken Soup Base--3.47 makes 4 gallons, less sodium than canned broth
Pecans-2#=9.88 = $4.94 per #
Red Pepper Seeds- 3.86- 13.5 oz =.285/oz
Cayenne Pepper ground-4.42-16oz=.276/oz
Heinz Ketchup -6.04 3x44oz=6.04= .045/oz
Blk pepper whole-5.5
Baking Soda

*Rice-White Long Grain 25# for 10.49 = .419/pound-- (cheaper than last Aldi price of .596/# in dec.08)
Spaghetti noodles 6# 5.34 (pasta is less at Aldi -last price=.84/#; sale price at HT for store brand-jan09-.93/#)
Pasta Sauce (Ragu) *compared to Aldi Jan.09/ Aldi store brand is fine and was less by nearly double, didn’t buy.
Rotini 6.52
Flour-25 # =7.26= .29 per pound

Rotisserie Chicken- 4.97, smallish, dryish-but tasty--last time wasn’t dry. Mar.09
Chicken sausage- 11.84 3#

Fruit Loops- 2 pk- 6.28 /43.6oz= .144/oz

Aldi--Updated 3/1/09
*organized by store order as of 1/09
***Early March 09-- BUTTER @ 1.49/#== stock up!! Put it in the freezer!***
**Check it out! Mom Advice Website-- Has several Menu Plans using Aldi Foods!!

Aldi Website--sign up for the weekly e newsletter and know what's on special before you go!
Aisle 1:
Pringles 99c per can --low fat
Saltine Crackers-.89/box
Oyster Crackers- .99 bag
Pancake syrup-$1.39
All Purpose Flour- $1.69/ 5 lb. = .338/#
Mexican beer-6pk /5.49 =.915 per beer--tastes fine, use in pizza dough (5.99for 12pk of south paw at FL)
Baking Soda-.43/1# up to .49/1#
Peanut butter--Creamy & Crunchy-$1.39/18oz=.077/oz (*GG Jif brand @HT 1/09--1.67/18oz. No deal!)
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce- $1.79/28oz-= .063.oz
Angel Hair Pasta (new item) .59/#/16oz
Dry Cereal (like fruit loop) $1.79/ 15oz
Dry minced onion $1.09/3.75oz
Garlic powder $1.09/5.5 oz

Aisle 2:
Chicken Stuffing Mix-.89/6oz box, =.148/oz
Instant Mashed Potatoes- $1.19/13 oz
Tea Bags-$1.69/100 bags=.016 per cup of tea-- I like the flavor, mild.
White Vinegar-.79/32 oz=.024/oz
Flour tortilla- 10pk/.99
Corn Tortilla-
Spaghetti -1.69/2# .84/# same
White rice-- 1.79/3#; .596 per pound
Pepperoni-1.99 for 8 oz - .2487 per oz same
Spaghetti Sauce- .99/26oz same--good nuf, use mushroom variety on pizza
Canned Whole Kernel Corn- .49/15.25=.032/oz
Canned Kidney Beans- .55/15.5oz= .035/oz
Canned Spinach-.49/13.5oz= .036/oz
Canned mushrooms-4 oz/.49 = .1225 per oz. (feb. .55/can)
Canned Stewed Tomato-.49/14.5oz= .033/oz
Canned Diced Tomato-.49/14.5oz-.033/oz
Italian Canned Diced Tomato- .49/14.5oz= .033oz
Tomato Sauce--.25/ 8oz= .031/oz
Canned Diced Tomato & Chilis (compare to Rotel) .49/14.5oz=.033/oz (*compare to Rotel sale/cpn deal of .70/10.5oz= .066/oz--TWICE the price! For name brand)
Canned Tomato soup- .49/10.5oz=.047.oz (*GGcmpbells @ht-.48ea)
Fruit Rounds Cereal-- similar to fruit loops--$1.79 ? Size?

Aisle 3:
Fab softner liq 2.99 /51oz=.058/oz
Fab softener sheets 2.99
Zip close bags- 1 gal 1.09--up to 1.99/30 bags
Zip close bags- 2 ga
Zip close bags- quart
Saran style wrap- 1.09 per 200ft=.00545 per foot *not as sticky ?
Drawstring trash bags- $6.29/56 bags= .112/1 bag
Bleach- $1.29/96 oz=.215/oz
Qtips .79 for 200--nice container fits in vanity cupboards, re-use for spices etc.
Ibuprofen--50ct .99 none in store in 12/08
Acetaminophen-50ct/500mg- 1.99
Antacid Tablets--96ct-1.99
Laundry Detergent - 100oz/ 6.99-55 loads (?)= .06/oz
Toilet Paper- 1ply- lg rolls, ‘vaguely similar to Scott’ 2.49 for 4 rolls.
Paper Towels-- choose a size- 2 rolls- 2.89

Fresh Produce:
**Produce is ok , not always best-- unpack and wash asap. Use a little Truelemon in the rinse water it will be fine. Be choosy in the store! (have recently had good luck storing unwashed fresh produce in ‘green bags’ in fridge)
Bell Pepper--1.89/3 peppers =.63 per pepper
Celery bunch 1.29--lg bunch, not the best but ok
Pepper assortment ? 12/08 1.49
Roma tomato 8 for $1.69
Carrots -1.19/2# =.60 per # pound--not that sweet-- prefer HT if possible
Head of lettuce-.69/sm-med. Head (feb. $1.19/head)
Sweet corn- 4 ears-1.99
Zuchini- pack of 5 or 6 small, 1.69
Cuke, -1 /.59

Refrigerated Foods:
Eggs--1.45 doz.
Cotg chs 24 oz. 2.29 --.0954per oz. same price for lo fat-- both are good quality
Milk 3.59 down to $3.29 down to $2.89
Bacon $1.99/16 oz--best priced of several brands. $1.89 ‘sliced bacon’ was reasonably good.
Butter 1.99/# on sale best price anyplace by far! *shelf marked 2.19, but rings up at 1.99 so far. Jan/09
Spinach, flat leaf in bag-$1.99/9oz
Cheddar/mozarella blocks 1.99 for 8 oz=3.98/# (Sam’s is about 2.50/#)

Frozen Foods:
Frz Chicken breast-skinless/boneless 3#/ 6.49= 2.16/#
Frz chicken legqs.
Sausage for breakfast .89 same Brown N Serve type
Oj--$1.25/can makes 2 qts.

Preferred Household Goods at Aldi--
Striped beach towels $4+ea--great deal! Summer 08
Pillows--$7-$9 (have been told they are good)
Red enameled cast iron dutch oven--nice! For $29--assorted others this week Jan. 19, 09
Citronella Candles in cans--3.99 08.
Ladies Hanes brand sweat pants-- nice price! 5.99


  1. Glad to see you posting about your grocery prices...a woman approached me, whom I had bought something from at a church flea market, and I gave her your address here, because she was doing a coupon blog on Publix (our grocery store in Florida). She finds the coupons coming out in the paper, and matches them to store discounts, and she said last week she had one lady who made 3 cents on each item she bought!!! LOL! I went to her site, but I cannot get my husband to use coupons (and he is the one who does all the shopping)! I hope this lady...Coupon Cleo does well.

  2. I'll have to take a look at her site. My MIL lives in FL and uses Publix. She's been trying to use coupons lately since prices keep going up. (lately however I do see dairy coming down--but so much else is up--it evens out. :(

    keeping costs down is a never ending battle for me. I have to fight it-- I'm feeding 5 people and our income has not kept up with prices.