Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy Morning In Pokeberry

We ended up with about 2 inches of snow I think. My milk is safely in the fridge... what do you do with the milk I wonder?

I went outside last night and put on our Christmas lights--since we've been so busy this past couple months they are still on the roof, I took a photo but it was too dark to show much. I just thought the lights looked pretty with the snow on the trees and such like. I'd say all in all our winter storm was more rain and wind than anything else, had it gotten just a little colder earlier in the day this would have been quite something I think. As it is it will delay things in Charlotte this morning, I'm not sure but most likely the schools are closed, perhaps the library too--doesn't matter to me as I don't work today anyhow.

The birds are a little quieter this morning than they have been, but they ar starting to come around now that the morning sunlight is beginning to bring its glow to the backyard. I'm watching some little finches right now, their feeder needs to be filled soon, they've eaten a great deal lately. The party feeder needs filling as well and so does the bird bath. The rufous towhee has been here and quite a few sparrows.

Well since I am at home yet again today I will continue my winter sowing and coupon cutting I suppose and do some cleaning and kitchen work. I'll tend all my feeders as well.

It isn't going to be too warm today, but I think the snow will begin to disappear today and be a memory soon. I would certainly not say it is a sign of climate change--it is well within the possibilities to get a bit of snow here on occassion.

I like it, reminds me of the north--but I think a small batch now and then will do. I generally prefer the climate here.

Another weekend has gone by that I wasn't able to get my new garden started! Its ok, I just want to get going on creating new beds soon, but it can wait. So long as things are moving along before it gets hot.

I've been looking through books about building ornamental gardens, potager style gardens and also about kitchen design lately. We have to do so much ourselves without much of a budget so the books help. Ideas are what we have and tools, raw materials we need to often find as cheaply as possible and so creativity and resourcefulness are probably our most valuable assets.

Its all an adventure!


  1. The only thing I can think is that you don't have to go out now for milk that you may need on your oatmeal, or in your hot coffee during the snow days!!!

  2. awww, man. I'm so jealous! We didn't get SQUAT for snow. If flurried for about 30 min, but nothing really.
    I was hoping for the 5" they were forecasting.
    I guess it will be next year before we have the chance for snow again.

    Glad your inspection went so well. I hope you can blaze through the next inspection and can get moved in.