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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spark People FREE Online Diet Tools!

Spark People is a website for folks who want to eat healthier, lose weight and get physically fit. It has all kinds of tools and support for anyone who signs up. It is a FREE service.

I've used it in the past and have decided to give it a go again. It is a very cool service. You create your account and then you just log in whenever you want to. Using their tools you can create a meal plan and grocery list that has healthy meals to fit your personal calorie needs and diet restrictions. It couldn't be easier.

You get a choice of a meal plan for each day, you can click on items you aren't interested in and get alternative choices to substitute. There are recipes for entrees and if you prefer you can put your own recipes in the database too.

This morning I was thinking about using again so I went there and found out my sign in information was still good, I just went to My Nutrition and started to plan out my meals for today. I did this without any pre-planning and was able to select choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack that were made with all items I had on hand in my pantry already.

Spark People also has online support groups that are tailored to fit you. You can probably find a group that has the same weight goal as you or is your age or marital status or dealing with the same special concern you are--folks who will post to a forum and 'be there for you' as you try to lose weight or whatever your goal is.

This website does just about all the Weight Watcher's site does--for free. You could join both and compare, I've been a member of both in the past--and although I don't remember the exact specifics I do think that Spark People is more than an adequate substitute for WW-- with NO charge ever.

I just thought I'd plug this as its a great semi-frugal tool, saving you money as you lose weight. I love that!

In my own plans to save more and more money lately--I'm probably not going to re-up my Grocery Game membership when it comes due in April. I do love the service but now my schedule is no longer conducive to their method. I do plan to continue to use coupons for things that we use, I'll keep going with my don't cut 'em til you need 'em method--using Couponmom's Coupon database to help me find out if there is a coupon for an item I want and which newspaper insert it is in. I'll also continue using my Couponizer, which is a little tool I just love.

I still have use of The Grocery Game until my current membership expires and I may pick it up again some day in the future--but for now-- it isn't working out with my busy schedule running between two houses. Especially because GG is for shopping from Sunday through Tuesday and I just can't plan my week to only shop on those days--especially if I must pull and cut all my coupons first. That's always been my only problem with GG. If I could use it ANY day of the week, I could prepare in less of a rush and pick up groceries when it fit my schedule better. My only other concern would be the cost of the membership--although it is not very high compared to the savings, it does add up if you want to shop at more than one store. Right now I need to get used to shopping in a new area--so I'll be likely trying different places to see if I have a real preference. I think it takes a while to give a store a real 'fair try'.

Well so there's some cutting going on here in Pokeberry, hopefully cutting calories and cutting some things out of the budget too.

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