Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweeping Up Out at the House and a Country Drive

I went out to the new place yesterday and just grabbed a broom. I cleaned the upper level and moved all the odd items like unhung doors, wood piles etc, so that it is easier to access walls for dry walling. The kids worked downstairs as I cleaned upstairs. #3 Son and Daughter drywalled one room downstairs, #2 Son continued his task of wiring up wall outlets--putting in the sockets.

Another pipe has frozen someplace under the shed so we couldn't run water or flush while out there--this is a problem for me today as I had hoped to go out there and do some gardening--again that is not going to happen. Hubby must fix the pipe first. We had that freak snow and cold last weekend so that was the trouble. The pipes all need to be buried deeper, we knew that.

I stopped at a little country store to see how much their bedding plants and seeds were. They had strawberries--which is on my wish list--but they were in containers and were nearly $4 each. That's way out of my budget. I want to get about 50 plants if I can. Anyhow I can buy them from a nursery and get 50 everbears and 50 june bears for about 50cents each. I'm hoping though that I can instead find a local gardener who will trade for them. I have a trade list posted on Garden Web in the forum for gardeners in our area, so hopefully that will work out. I do have some things I could trade, some plants, some seeds-- perhaps I will find sources for lots of trading in the future?

I took a wrong turn and got a little lost out in the countryside near our home. It was nice becuase I got to see what sort of area it is we are going to live in. The 'town' is really not much of a town. There are mainly doublewide trailers, some singlewides and smaller houses. Our house is probably one of the largest in the area. Most folks have at least an acre yard, so that's nice. There are some very small country stores-- places where likely the goods were purchased in nearby cities and are being resold at a little higher rate. Other area businesses are mainly famiy owned places that fix cars or things like that.

Its country.

I found the nearest post office and some restaurant/bar things. Karaoke seems popular.

Another thing that abounds in large numbers in this part of the country is churches--there seem to be more churches than just about anything else.

I know that there is also a shooting range near us someplace as we can hear them.

Well I guess we are in the real south, Charlotte is different as it is a big city and has many new residents from other places. Further away from Charlotte you hear the real 'twang' spoken and meet folks who truly are southern. You start to see more pick up trucks and less SUVs.

I enjoyed the day, it was nice out. I came home and made dinner and the kid's friend came to spend the night, he'll be helping out today at the house. I'll be staying home but the kids can dry wall without me. It isn't really my cup of tea. ;)


  1. I don't know if you like to order plants or not, but I had bookmarked a Gurney's offer of buy one, get one free everbearing strawberries.

    It works out to $10 for 50 plants, I think, not including shipping.

  2. Wow--that's a pretty good deal. I haven't bought from Gurnee in many years.. I'll take a look at the catalog! Thanks Meredith!