Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mojo Gets a Leash..

I was home yesterday, a little too under the weather to work, but I'm going back today. I'm lucky this time I think I was the least sick in the family--and that may be the first time ever. I credit my allergy meds I think, they include a nasal and bronchial steroid and I think that HAS to have been what prevented my usual tendency to get worse whenever I catch anything.

I didn't do much with poor Mojo. I had to keep taking him out when it was needed, but sadly he spent more time in his crate the past couple days than he would like. Its ok- he does have to get used to that as he will need to be in there when my work hours overlap Hubby's and there's no kids home. He's fine.

Hubby kicked his training up a notch today. I had been taking him for about a half blcok walk. He's still very small, though already bigger than we got him! He is not a fan of being tied at the collar! However, Hubby took him for good brisk walk this morning before I got up. I rose just in time to see them coming home. Mojo was doing great! He had his head up high and his happy face on and his tail waging as he walked. Hubby says he just gave him a little bit of leash and walked at a quick pace and didn't talk to him or let him sit down or fuss or try to bite the leash. He says it was like taking him for a drag for about a block and then he figured out that it was a better idea to just keep up.

He is young for training but we think it will be better to start now and get him used to walking 'our way' before he is big and it is more difficult for me to control a big german shepherd.

He's starting to look more like a sheperd now and less like a snow ball. ;) His ears aren't up yet but one is partly up--it sort of flops over his head sideways. They should both go up ok, it takes awhile sometimes. Gosh he sure is cute! Still darling.

Well I hope today to work about 7 hours and tomorrow I may finally go plant my tomatoes and raspberries--which I didn't have the energy to do last weekend. I'm glad we have a long growing season here, it seems to me I was sick at planting time last year too. I noticed also the yellow pollen dust is all about outside now. On the cars and the trash can lids and such like. Charlotte is fabulous in April! A blooming beautiful city, but a nightmare for folks with allergy problems.

This was/is a virus however, but when you have allergy or asthma to begin with every virus has potential to worsen the underlying problems this makes for a mess of symptoms sometimes. It looks like I have a grip on that finally. Too bad its so expensive!

Aint life grand?



  1. It took my chihuahua with radar ears 12 - 15 months to stick up perfectly straight at puppyhood. I thought I would have the first chi ever with droopy ears!!! LOL. I laugh at myself now having thought that at the time. She was so darn cute with droopy ears, or with one sticking up and the other down. It was such a sweet age!

  2. I know, I think I will miss his puppyhood when its over--he truly is a cutie!