Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pinxter Flower--or Wild Azalea or Honeysuckle tree..

I discovered a beautiful little tree blooming near the little stream on our property. It has pink flowers that look almost like some sort of little orchid. Lovely! I brought home a little sprig and they are in water near me. It took me a while to find them on google, I finally thought of 'wild azalea' and did an image searchg and that's when I found out what they were. Here's a link that tells about the Wild Azalea.

I've found something new and lovely every time I've gone to my new house! Another thing we saw was some sort of little birds that resemble sand pipers! These are my favorite birds on the beach in southern Florida--don't know if that's what they are, but I am excited to see so many new things lie ahead of me to discover.

I've been having some trouble with my back and neck and arms, I'm going to see a physical therapist in a couple of weeks and start working on improving my strength and mobility. It seems it has to do with my neck, the arthritis there is causing lots of problems. Anyhow I have still not got all my poor strawberries planted. Hubby is trying to get me a small tiller to use in the garden so I can get more done without working so hard. :-) Hope he is able to find a deal on one. We also want to find a string trimmer that I can use to 'tame' the weeds and wild things growing on our hillside. I have in mind to trim and tame some things and keep them growing but then to add patches of other things that will complement them. Thus I want to eventually have a semi-wild landscape. There are also areas of the yard I will terrace and have fruits and berrys--a vineyard and berry garden. :)

Hubby and sons put up scaffolding this weekend and are hoping to finish siding the house. They also installed a new door on the side of the house and uncovered the deck so they can figure out what to do with it. Inside we still have things to do. #3 Son is still working on dry wall details and taping and mudding. I started some sanding but my back was not up to it. I seem to be able to do things in small batches then I must switch activities.

Mojo came to the house on Sunday. He did not appreciate being walled up in a bedroom away from all the 'fun' and construction debris. He did enjoy the walks he and I took and he napped very soundly underneat the shed--which we could not get him to come out of until after his nap. Now we know not to let him get under there!

He has been a pretty good puppy so far, a couple accidents--but not many and he sleeps almost all night in his box. He is learning to go up and down steps and follows us all over the house. (except the carpeted parts of the house--we have blocked the way so he cannot go there)

The weather is gorgeous here! I am going out to the house. I just about hate days I have to work now--since I would rather be working on my house and garden. Still I am having a hard time with strength and so I have been trying to get some exercises in my day and praying it will improve.

Well off I go to see what adventure awaits!

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