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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puppy's Progress...

Well, I have to say I wasn't surprised to get that 'are you nuts' kind of look from a co-worker when I mentioned that we got a puppy. I could read her mind-- building your own house, running between two states, all those kids... adding in a puppy now??

Yah.. its kind of nuts--which is pretty much what I said to Hubby when he caught me on a particularly 'down feeling day' and told me he'd like to go look at some puppies. Yah.. I did say 'that's nuts' but I also said--"ok".

So we have our Mojo now, and of course he is a puppy and puppies do things.

Last night I had our living room area rug--which is a simple indoor/outdoor jute type thing, hauled out the door and spread on the driveway so I could hose it down and scrub it with some Tide detergent. It is now spread over one of the nice wood freestanding fences that Hubby made for our carport~patio last year--drying. ;)

Well really there's been very few potty accidents. Mojo seemed to prefer to potty outside from the very start--but the main problem is that he doesn't quite know how to communicate his needs on this subject. We have made sure he cannot access any of the landlord's 'real carpet' which is in the bedrooms and hallway by blocking access to that area of the house entirely. He has a little cage/kennel right now. He began his life here with a wooden crate which he learned to get out of after about 3 days--of course that was in the middle of the night--when else would a proper puppy make his first frantic escape from a wooden box?

So far no damage has been done and Mojo is a joy and delight to all of us.

He's also a little handful.

I take him with me when I go to the house by setting him in a plastic recycling bin. He rides in the passenger seat within that bin. Hubby sets him on the center console thing of his jeep and he spreads out on his tummy and naps there, Hubby keeps one arm near him.

At the house he mainly follows us around or naps near us, but we do have an area to enclose him if needed and I am planning to purchase a tie out to use until he is bigger to use this weekend. He will start to want to wander as he gets older--we know that so we plan to find ways to safeguard him more and more as he gets bigger and bolder. Right now, at 6.5 weeks of age he is not overly adventurous.

He's had a round of shots and worming stuff and gotten some tummy upset from that, but otherwise he is happy and healthy and ready to go most of the time--except when he is napping--which is generally only a means of rewinding his energy.

Its been years since we've had a puppy. It is funny how they don't change--they are what they are--fun, cute, naughty and always in motion or a complete stop--no in betweens.

He seems to be fitting in with our family very well, and is really not near so much trouble as one would think--except for that poor rug outside. ;-)

Mojo is a good thing I think, I'm glad to have him. I'm really not seeing him as much of a problem right now--inspite of our being busy, he has been a good little distraction and actually is helping us to keep ourselves smiling and feeling happy in the midst of an awful lot of hard work and often having to adjust plans to accomodate things like folks getting sick and plan A or B having to become plan C or D.

I guess I feel like he's not such a nuts idea afterall.

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