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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spending the Night at the New House!

Hubby and I are planning to spend the night at the new house tonite. We'll sleep on an airbed in our new bedroom. We still need to use the shed for kitchen and bathroom. I'm planning to make us some pancakes and bacon on the grill in the morning and we hope to sit outside with a little bonfire and enjoy nature. :)

Perhaps we will see some flying squirrels or hear some deer? Dunno.

In any case we'll wake up in our own house and be busy working on it tomorrow without having made the trek out there from here. If it works out nicely perhaps we will do it again on some weekends.

I've been working mainly outside. I've been putting plants in and continuing to clear land of debris and I also began to start some patches of grass and lay out some paths in the yard for heavy traffic.

Yesterday I planted a small Japanese Maple I got on sale recently and also a couple of small azaleas and about half a dozen Rose of Sharon shrub/trees from my neighbor. I also put in some day lilly bulbs and hosta starts. I've built up some beds with rocks I find on the ground and have been working on making a 'retreat garden' area behind the shed. I've got a chair and table out there in the shade and I sit there when I'm taking breaks. The rest of the family is beginning to gravitate toward my garden too when they take breaks from the work they are doing.

We had some encounters with nature this week. I found a black widow spider inside one of my overturned pots and learned that they play dead--so if you ever see one-- they can do a very convincing 'dead act' don't believe them! No harm done--at the moment it is truly dead.

We met up with some black snakes at the new house. A couple of very large ones came to sun themselves in the garden--and perhaps to hunt lizzards. One smaller one got into the shed but Daughter took it outside to the woods. We leave the shed door open when we are out there to 'air it', so it just crawled right in.

Black snakes grow pretty big--they are good snakes though. They eat pest animals like rodents but also other snakes--including the smaller poisonous snakes that can live in our area. Black snakes are friends. They are also pretty calm natured and allowed us to come very close. They will bite if threatened but it takes a real threat.

Birds are coming to my feeder in the new place! I saw some! I could also hear them in the trees nearer than usual. :) The ones I saw eating were a small sparrow of some sort.

The house is getting closer and closer to done. Hubby hopes to get water connected to it today, then he will begin to install sinks, tubs, toilets and showers. He still thinks we're on track for another inspection--possibly in May or June. I don't think we will finish moving in to the house til near the end of summer. There's so much work involved! But its coming along.

Well I need to pack things for our little overnight and then I have to head off to work this morning. Looking forward to tonite!

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  1. Very exciting...enjoy your overnight!!! Sounds like you will have modified "pigs in a blanket" for breakfast...sounds pretty good...think I will go make some now!!! :)