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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strawberries Enroute!

I got email confirmation that my strawberries are shipping this morning. Last weekend I began to prepare their new bed. Its near the top of a sunny slope just across from my little 'nursery/veggie garden'. I'm not really sure exactly where I want everything to grow yet--so I began with a nursery for small shrubs to grow on a bit before they are transplanted to their new homes. In the same area I have put my herbs and here and there some perennials and small trees. I'm finding that doing a little bit on this area every time I go to the house has paid off greatly. I have begun to strike into new territory, and am now making my way down part of the hillside. :)

I'm not sure what my plans today are. I had been hoping to go to the house and dig up some little baby pine trees for my friend. I would then have stopped at her house tomorrow and delivered them and picked up some pampas grass starts. Well.. I dunno now, something seems to have disagreed with my system and I'm not feeling too good--though a little better, had a rough night. I did manage to get up and clean the bathrooms and run some laundry and dismantle the stove top for cleaning before 9 am. At the moment I'm having some coffee and thinking about the day ahead--what should I do? What matters most? That sort of thing. There are some things I ought to shop for, and there's always more to clean--if I decided to just stay home I could do that. I could also start more seeds--work in this yard--rather than the new one.

I guess it depends on how I'm feeling in a while--right now--not so good.

Its a lovely sunny day, but cold. We had a chilly night--I don't know if it did get down to frost or not--I don't see any evidence of that. I haven't put anything tender out yet--its late in the season for cold weather--but its been a cool spring all in all so I am not surprised.

Yesterday I heard that our drought is officially over as far as the county is concerned. I guess we are still under a drought according the feds--but we can use our water as much as we like now--it is at a higher rate however--which was our reward for cutting usage. They plan to hike it again I hear.

The city looks lovely--all green with lots of flowering trees as per usual in Charlotte in springtime.

Economically we're in trouble here I think. We're either 3rd or in the top 5 in the nation for unemployment right now--and that will get worse. Well shoot--I know it will cuz so many county employees are likely to be let go July 1st.

I think there are also many uncounted unemployed people because in the Carolina's I am certain there are many people who haven't held a job in many years--therefore are probably not filing for unemployment anymore. These folks 'scratch by' somehow. Many have multitudes of small businesses that they do. For instance I have seen in the country in South Carolina that some folks have turned their home garages into little grocery stores--so if you need something quick you can get it rather than drive 10 or more miles into town. Interesting. Landscaping and painting and handyman work are things people do on their own as well. Craigslist here is very busy, you can find small businesses that do anything on it--some will work for barter. Some folks outfit little camper type things as mini restaurants.

There are people that have never had much money here in these states. I'm not sure why there aren't more good businesses because this is an incredible place to live--beautiful trees and birds and weather-- yet there is a definite lack of major industry. I can understand it here in Mecklenburg county because the taxes are too high--but I don't think that is the case in South Carolina--so what gives? Dunno. All I know is I have never seen the sort of poverty in the north that exists in many areas of the Carolina's. If the economy ends up tanking to the levels of the Great Depression--I think many of these folks won't even notice.

Well.. funny how one thought leads to another isn't it? In a way, I think maybe these folks are the lucky ones. Its probably no big deal to have a bad economy when you've never had anything to lose. I do think that many of these folks actually do own thier own place--though these are not very nice places. Maybe they are more secure than the rich folks in some ways?

I'm glad my berries are en route. I hope they come to before Saturday so I can plant them this weekend. I truly do want to grow more of our own food. Having noticed the prices going up so much, and knowing how precarious jobs are right now--well-- it is on my mind that I need to keep on finding ways to cut more corners. Saving on food when you feed 5 people every day--that matters. Since I am a gardener already--I don't have the 'learning curve' I know what to expect in the way of work and how to manage a garden through a hot summer. I think too, with all our family to help us with so much it is possible to get a garden going even while still finishing up the new house and preparing to move. I just need to keep a steady pace going--get things done every day--even small ones sometimes.

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