Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekending Shtuff..

Well, our family has been down with some sort of virus or infection--???? dunno.
#2 Son was at the Doc Friday for a 2nd round of antibiotics and the Doc says it looks like strep, but he didn't test positive on the 'quick test' so he thinks maybe group c strep--which is one possibility. I worry more about strep group a because I had rheumatic fever and for me that's a bad thing to be around. Anyhow--Doc didn't persue it further, just prescribed a different course of antibiotics ans some 'goop' to gargle with for pain. #3 Son and Daughter still have sore throats but felt well enough to go to a party last night. Hubby is pretty sick--his usual viking method of trying to 'sweat out' any illness so fool as to dare attack his invincibleness--isn't working. Me, I just got the bug a few days ago and surprisingly, so far I'm not near as sick as the rest of them. I'm enjoying it because I usually am the sickest and this is I think, a very overdue 'easy sick'. Of course I don't know how long that will work for me as these folks have been feeling bad for several weeks--which is pretty weird. #2 Son's Doc says if its not Strep C it might be a virus--which is 'doc talk' for "Beats me, it will last till its over, I guess."

Anyhoo... we did go to the house yesterday to work--Hubby and Me. We rented a tiller and he roughed up enough ground for me to work on. I got most of my strawberry's in and went home. Hubby stayed longer to work on the house. The kids called in sick.

Today, #2 Son and I were ready to go work, but Hubby was out cold on the couch most of the day.

Meanwhile our dryer broke down. I just threw out my well rotted clothesline a week or two ago and many of my clothespins so I ran out this morning and bought some new rope and pins and hung out about 5 loads of laundry. I'm pooped. I give.

Tomorrow, God willing-- and I do mean that-- I will go the house and work on whatever I can. Hopefully Daughter and #3 Son will accompany me. #2 has school and Hubby has work.

Mojo is doing well, he is bored though with some of his outdoor activity and tends to wander away and go sit on the back stoop hoping for a door to open to him. We're reading a book that tells us to discipline him like his mom did. It was a bit of surprise to me when I suddenly heard him yelping as my Hubby growled at him and lifted him by the scruff of his neck from a small puddle on the floor. LOL... I'm not sure the book meant to actually 'growl' but it was interesting.

Well, Hubby is outside now, he's decided to sit outside until he sweats--in the interest of dispelling this invading army from his body. I dunno.. I guess he's getting pretty annoyed that he isn't conquering easily. We may see him actually go to the doctor yet--however, it is debatable whether that is of any more use than
the sweat stragegy.

We are still hoping to get an occupancy permit for our house by June--I'm pretty skeptical but Hubby is determined. We shall see. Right Mojo?


  1. Hope ya'll feel better soon, Mary! Goodness.

  2. Me too. I'd hate the thought of this awful flu that is coming out of Mexico.
    Feel better very soon.

  3. Well, I'm a bit off this morning, I plan to nap awhile and then hope to go work at the house. I'm not too concerned about swine flu because I think its the wrong time of year for a seriously bad flu epidemic in our hemishphere. I think the flu season has just ended--it may do a little but will likely not do much. Flu tends to peak in colder parts of the year.