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Monday, April 13, 2009

Work in Progress out at the House

Hubby had Friday off and went to the hosue to work. The kids have all been sick this week and not much was done during the week. The weekend was better. Hubby removed the front door of the house and replaced it with a window. This is because the back of the house is built into the hillside, but the front is not. Therefore, in the front the basement appears to be the first floor and the first floor appears to be a 2nd floor in a 3 story house. The front door is about 12 feet above the ground. Since we are nearing the end of our budget--we cannot right now afford to build a deck up to the front door. We don't need a front door as we have a side door and a back door, it seemed like a logical place to cut some corners. We're evaluating lots of things that way. Tiled showers in all 3 bathrooms is one of the things we're cutting. My fancy whirlpool tub is on hold--we aren't going to install a tub in the Master bath at all right now. I want to wait til I can have a good one. There is a tub in the kid's bathroom which is right outside our bedroom as well--so I can use that If I like. We also saved a tub that we had on hand for the shed/cabin. Hubby's Mom likes to take baths rather than showers--so when the cabin gets rennovated we will put a tub in there for her.

Hubby found some inexpensive scaffolding which he and boys will use to apply the rest of the siding to the house that the original owner never put up. Its in the basement--we don't know if there is quite enough so we will do the back of the house last--in case we need to use something that doesn't exactly match. Eventually we think we may re-side the whole house--though who knows if that will ever come about? Depends on so many things...

Anyhow we can paint similar siding the same color and it will look good enough.

The progress on the inside of the house is good although it was a set back having our crew not up to snuff. Most of the outlets and lights are in and working now, the showers are plumbed and there are two working toilets, one to go. Hubby needs to get the sinks and one more toilet hooked up to water and sewer. Then I suppose we will get the furnace and the appliances.

Things are coming along nicely outside as well. That has been my domain. I worked outside again Saturday and Sunday. I have been cleaning up the yard and making terraces to hold the top soil (sand)which has been running down the hill like a river whenever it rains or the garden is watered. I've also been trying to start some grass--but with the run off problem that hasn't been so easy. I used fallen logs from the woods to begin building some terracing. The former owner had also been doing that and some logs were already in place, I've been finding lighter ones and dragging them from the woods to wherever I need them. When I drag them out of the woods the bark falls right off and they appear just fine for this use. They won't last forever, but I'm not concerned about forever-- I plan to continually build up the soil using compost and plantings and adding soil as well when we can afford to. I am doing all I can by hand now-- though I may rent a tiller tomorrow or Wednesday for a day to see if that will help me.

Terracing serves more than one purpose, besides stopping erosion it also makes a place for planting. I planted 25 strawberry plants in a new bed Saturday. I was planning to plant 25 more on Sunday but I had to stop after getting the bed nearly ready because my back was bothering me too much. It will be find tomorrow I think. I have arthritis and I know that it is important to keep moving and to get some exercise but it is also important not to OVER work. When I start to feel it too much I stop. Usually I still get alot done because I simply do not do the same thing for too long-I switch up activities. Yes it is a battle to do hard physical work with spine and joint problems--sometimes you win a battle, sometimes you lose one--but -if just give up and sit-- you lose the whole war. I plan to start doing my pilates again tomorrow morning--this morning I had to work too early to do that--otherwise I'd have begun today. Pilates, water exercise, walking and swimming as well as a bit of weight work--these are the best things for me personally. Gardening and yard work-- are a challenge and I think good for me--but boy-- sometimes also very painful.

One thing I am noticing is that when I get over-tired or over-worked I tend to feel discouraged. Its very hard to be patient sometimes. I know all the things I want to get done--but they don't get done as quickly as I'd like and sometimes have to be modified a bit. I find that when I feel this way its best to pause and take a break and just relax a bit--then remind myself how far I've come. Usually I will then get back to work and begin to see that more is getting done than I had realized.

Small increments of work when done regularly do make a difference!

I have cleared an awful lot of debris and mess from our land. I can see the end of this now--at first it seemed endless!

We had some nature encounters this weekend! That always adds to this adventure.

On Friday, while Hubby was working he left a door open and a hummingbird flew into the house and hit a window trying to get out. He sat down on the ledge dazed. Hubby opened the window and about an hour later the little guy recovered and flew out. I took that as my cue to fill up my hummingbird feeders and hang them in my new garden. Sure enough while I was sitting down for a break a little hummingbird came to one of the feeders! :) Its kind of early I think for hummers--but not 'too early'. I was thrilled!

I saw a wood pecker near the garden and there was a gold finch on one of my feeders.

Last night we heard what must have been 'Owl Love' followed by 'Kitty Love'. Now we're familiar with cats in love-- what a 'caterwauling' (pardon the pun). Owl love contains who, who hoots puntuated by some rather exciteable unearthly noises. Hubby and I were back here at the rented house sitting beneath our carport-patio when all this romancing was going on. We got a chuckle out of it. Must be Spring I guess. ;)

Well I need to have some breakfast and get to work. Tomorrow and Wednesday I can go back to my house and continue my outside work--if its not raining. So much to do! I can't wait til we drive there some day in the near future and don't have to drive back to Charlotte again. :)

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  1. Oh, it's all so exciting, Mary! Sounds like you are really making so much progress!!! YEAH! Hang in there!!!