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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Momma Dog Puppy Training--the Growl Method

We've been using the 'Growl Method' of puppy training. It seems to be effective. When Mojo comes up and starts nipping at my feet-- which is whenever he's awake and uncaged-- I do like a Mamma Dog. I get him by the scruff of his wee necky, look him in the eye and growl in a low voice, then put him aside. Usually he will yelp and come back a few times and I will simply repeat and maybe get a bit 'angrier' sounding. He 'gets it'.

For potty training incidents a similar scolding happens along with a trip outside to where proper pottying is done. This is how Momma kept her personal space clean after puppies began to be too big for her 'personally clean' (yuk)

He truly seems to respect Damomma and Dapappa. Hubby is an Alpha dog guy anyhow, I'm learning to be likewise. Otherwise Mojo will think I'm just some other pup he can pounce on and chew whenever he likes. That may be fun for puppies--but I'm not keen on having needle teeth around my feet all the time.

Whenever Mojo is over-wired I take him for a long walk--or someone else does. That takes some of the energy out of him. Last resort is the 'crate'. He does spend some of his time penned up. Usually when that happens he will complain a little bit and then settle down to chew on some rawhide or take a nap.

Puppy training is proceeding well, we're enjoying him most of the time and he is growing. He's now about twice the size he was just 3 weeks ago! Yikes! I look at him sometimes and think he has grown after every nap.

His walks are getting longer. He still gets 'dragged' about half a block in protest of the leash, but then settles down to a nice walk. Last night the kids walked him all the way to the gas station at the end of our neighborhood. I think that's his longest walk ever. He came in still ready to play--but it was about 10 pm so we put him to bed. That's a bit late for puppies.

I've got the house a bit blocked off. He can be in the living room and kitchen only--they have solid wipe able floors. No carpet for Mojo. If he accidentally gets past us to the hallway I growl and act like he's in the worst forbidden zone in the land, and he rightly comes back so I can quickly slide the tall board there we are using as a gate closed.

This is going so well I shared our growling technique with my Mom in Law who is also training a puppy. She reported that it worked for her as well. You just gotta think like a dog I think. How would his own Mom discipline him? Do that!

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