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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pokeberry Hill Garden

I've decided to name my new garden "Pokeberry Hill" There is a nice size poke salet plant on the hill beside the garden-- which to me is just a little 'sign' that this place is for me. :)

Well Daughter and I are going to work out at Pokeberry Hill today. We're leaving in about 30 minutes. I'm excited as I have new ideas for garden paths and beds. I'm going to spiff up a little 'fairy garden bed' I created beneath some trees, its the place I like to sit for breaks when working out at the house. I can't really work on making the house pretty yet--not for quite awhile--and most of the work in the house right now is 'guy stuff' especiallly having to do with installing our new heatpump and sinks and showers. I am not suited to that sort of work and I have not been allowed near the dry wall for awhile. Therefore I have the opportunity to make my new garden prettier and more productive, Such fun!

I got some ideas for making paths with freebie pavers. I'm going to use all the old bricks that are here at the rented house we're in. We took down a broken wall along the back fence last year and the landlord is happy to give us the used bricks. They're not pristine, some have mortar on them and some are broken--but they will be very helpful in my garden. I will also use some found objects and cut pieces of fallen logs for pavers and also-- bottles! I found some neat images online of colored bottles buried neck down in the ground and used as pavers--very pretty! (at least in my eyes)

I've been patching in little bits of moss in my fairy garden and also shade plants and rocks for a border. The garden is becoming an art project as well as a food garden and a shady haven. It began as an awfully ugly spot with some old big multi colored concrete blocks unevenly lining a big bed, now it has expanded and is improving as I go. I still have the ugly big blocks--but I plan to straighten them and paint them with barn paint so they'll at least blend in more and be one color.

In the garden at this point I have black berries--which are wild, red raspberry, strawberry, a small pink dogwood, a small red japanese maple, shallots, herbs, onions, (lots of herbs) tomatoes, peppers, various volunteer squash vines from my compost, potatoes, and many of my perenial sun and shade plants in the appropriate spots.

We are trying to plan a family get together at our new house for the end of summer. Its all hinging on our son and his little family being able to fly here then. If they can do it, everyone will get to meet his new wife and baby Ruby. Hubby and I are the only family that has met them so far. I'm hoping by the time this happens we will be in the house and have it arranged so guests can stay with us--it won't be perfect but it will hospitable and we'll have fun.

It would be great to have a nice outside space to entertain in too--right now the garden seems like the most promising spot for that. Hubby wants to see it have a water feature too--which is cool--but that's probably a long range plan. He's been enjoying sitting there beneath some trees with me for breaks too.

I am going to stop by a little tavern I've seen on my way to the house and inquire about their old bottles. Maybe I can get some freebies from them for my garden? The only problem with using colored glass bottles is I don't have a ready supply. We rarely buy much that comes in them.

Well though--I'm sure we'll be able to find some and ask others to collect them. Maybe some of the folks at work have them?

A fun, but hot and sweaty day ahead for me. Can't wait! I never got tons of work done in the garden at once, but bit by bit--its coming along.

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