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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Puppy Cure and Praise for Hubby

I'm feeling somewhat better finally, but still have enough of a sinus infection to keep my head foggy and my eyes sore, voice weird.. etc. I've come to the point though that I think resting is probably no longer an option or even productive sometimes you have to do like my Viking Hubby and just try to 'sweat it out'. I'm getting some help in that from Mojo.

Mojo is so full of puppy piss and vinegar that the only way we can live in the same house is to take him on brisk walks. Its quite humid this morning and I just got done doing two long blocks with Mojo at my side. I'm sweating buckets! He has had a little fresh water and decided that he can now lie down beneath my feet without biting them!

Oy vey! Puppies are definitely a cure for anyone who tends to be sedentary. He keeps us on our toes. I'm hoping as he gets a little bit bigger to make or buy a little puppy back back for him so he can have a job to do--he can carry some little water bottles for longer walks. If we plan to keep a big dog --which he will be eventually-- we need to make sure he gets enough exercise. This should be very good for Hubby and I physically, some folks pay for this kind of workout! We're getting a workout machine and a home protection system in one fuzzy package!

Anyhow, I'm thinking of going to the house today to putter about--possibly get some of my herbs or beans in the ground, or maybe just straighten the work area inside. I'll come home early so I can make dinner. I've got some nice mahi mahi and little red potatoes, I think I'll fix those with some steamed broccoli! Yum. Real food instead of leftovers.

Last weekend our dryer died, well I've been hanging out the clothes to dry--but this weekend is too humid--with rain as well. Yesterday the washer stopped spinning! Good Grief! I'm thinking-- this is just what Hubby needed, more stuff to fix. He'll do it though.

All those extra little things that happen in life--you know--its been so many years now since I started my adult journey--I am so USED to this stuff. It no longer even phases me. Funny. I would expect sooner or later we'll have a car break down, I'm pretty sure putting a new tranny or engine in something would be about par for the course in the middle of fixing up this house!

As a young mom with 4 kids under 6, I used to nearly have a panic attack whenever some mechanical necessity broke--of course Hubby fixed most of our stuff--still does. I've since learned that I have a life partner I can rely on. Hope he lasts a long time! He's never had alot of extra time but he still does all that extra work.

In our younger days he was always working nights and weekends trying to build a career that would support us, now he is mainly busy getting out new house finished and working at his job too. He's not so ambitious in the workplace anymore, he feels he's achieved enough and if he can hang on to it--well that will be good. If not, he'll have a paid for house and will do what it takes to make ends meet.

I admire Hubby. Over the years how easily I would want to give up and not take on more--but he has never been that way. 'Let's just do it' is more his motto than, 'Let's do it later.' Even when it came to getting a puppy in the midst of our busyness- he felt we'd just work it in--and we have. Mojo comes with us to work on the house and is really doing well.

Hubby (and Mojo) kind of wears me out sometimes--but then again--Life is short, its better to live it than die waiting to.

Well, I need some breakfast now that I can actually move around in my kitchen without being under an energizer puppy attack. Hubby is long gone this morning already out working at the house. I thought of him when I saw a bumble bee a while ago in the holly shrubs--working early, even on the weekend. I guess that's where the saying 'busy as a bee' comes from. My busy bee was gone before I got up. I've slept a little later since I've been sick, and been to bed earlier too. No matter I can still go do a something useful today, even if 'half a day's gone by'. ;)

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  1. Glad to hear you are felling better!!! That puppy love sugar baby sound slike a lot of fun! My dog actually heals me when I am not feeling good. Something about their soft furry warm little selves laying next to you (or, in Doozey's case, wrapped around my neck)makes life better, for sure!
    Keep getting better, Mary! You sure have a wonderful life partner (hubby)!!!