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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second Hand Washer and Dryer

Yesterday Hubby brought home two old appliances he'd found for $50 on Craigslist. A washer and dryer. We had decided to buy our own this time round instead of repairing the landlord's and billing him for parts. We'll be needing them in the new place soon. Anyhow-- I'm learning the intricacies of the settings and catching up a ton of laundry that was piled up since the weekend.

Well I am learning, the 'new' old dryer appears to be a power hog--so I plan to use it mainly as a back up for drying when I have a ton like right now or when the weather is not conducive to line drying--also our current situation--lots of rain this week.

That's my main chore today.

This afternoon I head back to work for the first time since I was sick last week--well gosh that was a lot of days off! I really only missed 12 hours of work-- I just had back to back days off scheduled that made it seem like getting almost a week off. Its been good and bad--I do miss the interraction at work and I'm sure Hubby is tired of my emailing him to say 'hi' more or less. I guess I'm a people person.

Anyhow I didn't get as much done around the house as I'd like--but did get some. I didn't get as much done at the new place either its been raining some but I also have still not felt 100%, I've been pretty tired lately. Maybe as a result of a little undercurrent of stressors that seems to be always going.

Today, both of us have parents out of state undergoing surgical procedures. Obviouslly we can't be there, but our hearts are tugged aren't they? My mom is having some work done on her spine--good old arthritis and osteoporosis have taken a very heavy tole on her the past year, she's gone from a productive working woman to somewhat disabled. The latest is some fractures in vertebra that need repair.

His dad has other issues and we are hoping they are not serious--all indications so far say things will be ok.

Work on the house is continuing. The boys have been out there every day for a while now, they've been doing lots of finishing work with the dry wall as well as other odds and ends. Hubby is working on the ductwork for the lower level, our furnace has shipped and should arrive in a day or two. The month is getting by us quickly--well thats how I always seem to feel--but really its only the 6th isn't it?

Mojo is growing awfully fast! My goodness! He apparently has two speeds-- full stop and full speed. Currently he's enjoying being curled up on a blanket he has stolen from the couch. I'm not going to bother him, I need to get my laundry done and he tends to be constantly underfoot when he's awake.

Yesterday I took him on the longest walk ever,and he was barely phased. He still wanted to chase my feet when we got home. I wish I had the energy of a puppy! Imagine all I could get done!

The yard here is super green with all the rain lately. Looks like Ireland or something. Currently there are catbirds nesting someplace nearby, perhaps in the holly hedge? Junior has been coming around much less since Mojo moved in. Its for the best I'm sure. My heart still goes out to the feral kitty, but I have come to realize that I truly cannot take him with me, I no longer put any food out for him--not even if he looks in the window. He's getting bigger now, I suppose he hunts or has found some other sympathetic person.

I am enjoying the sound of birds singing from the open screen door, and also the humming of a dryer that works! Its a quiet rainy type day. I'll take Mojo for his walk in a while when he gets up, otherwise, I'm just enjoying a slow pace today before I go to work.

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