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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well now, Whataya know? I'm a Libertarian!

This won't be long or controversial I think...

Anyhow my oldest son had told me he's become a Libertarian--now I didn't really know alot about that party. I just thought they were for legalizing pot--which I'm really not gung ho on--but I'll admit its not an issue that matters much to me. Anyhow-- I started to look into it and see what it is that attracted him. I now realize--its Liberty! They are for personal liberty.

When we move down to South Carolina and I have to re-register I will likely register either as a libertarian or an independant. I've generally voted Republican--and may need to continue to do that for the most part--but by golly I'm not registering as one anymore! What's the difference? I didn't get to have a voice last time in who the R candidate for President was--that was decided before our state even began early voting--how fair is that?

Anyhow-- I realized that I do lean strongly in favor of individual's rights and responsibilities. I'm still conservative--but I don't believe in forcing others to believe what I believe--I just wish they'd not do it to me.

I resent paying for progressive views to be taught in the schools and promoted on public tv and forced down my gullet like bad fish at every turn. Anyhow I'm probably going to save my libertarian blogging for Pokeberry Unleashed, my political/religious blog. I don't blog there as much as here--but now and again I do. Lately I've not said much at all because so much is going on it just has me literally dumbfounded--I mean-- what's being done by our government right now just floors me so much I haven't even had time to keep up with blogging on it.

Well-- in any case it was fun to learn finally what my mindset really is. I knew it wasn't full fledged Republican--especially these days.


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  1. This is great! I t is so liberating to find you true spot in anything!!! I used to be an independant, but it seems you never have a chance with your I went back to my major party of Democrat...but I, like you do not want to force anything on anyone...I am just middle of the road...I can see good and bad on both sides...I just happent o see more good on the Democratic take s all of us to come up with the best world possible...I truely believe that! God bless you Mary,and God Bless us ALL!!! Here's to personal liberty!!!