Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Workt In My Garden..

Its been a stressy time this past couple weeks. Our family has been dealing with a somewhat difficult elderly person's health crisis--which--while it is something happening far away, it has still pressed on me in some ways I think I wish I'd handled better. Anyhow, every day is a new day to try to do things better. So I am putting my weaknesses and faults and mistakes behind me--as well as those of others in my extended family. We'll keep on keeping on til whatever needs to happen, happens.

Life is that way. And I know well we're all sinners and need to keep that in mind sometimes when things get a bit too much.

Or as some of my siblings remind me--'it is what it is.'

Anyhow I find that one thing that calms my nerves when I feel rattled is gardening. Its good hard healthy work. It does tend to aggravate arthritis though--but I am getting some treatment for that which I think is going to set me up for a better life. I'm currentlly seeing a sports medicine doctor who has given me some steroids and some RX anti-inflammatory stuff-- non narcotic. I also will be getting some physical therapy--including massage! YEAH!! I can almost feel that already. ;) I don't think the aim of this is to continue to always be taking RXs but its a sort of jump start. Looking at the women who have gone before me though in my family-I can't rule out a need for medical help that may increase in time.

Out at the new house all my plants have been moved there now except just a few succulents and house plants that are in pots. Most of my gardening tools and supplies are also at the new place. I now have a pretty large garden that includes flowers, perenials, herbs, baby shrubs, berries, and veggies. It also includes a nice shady area for resting between chores. All this is on the back side of our shed/cabin. some going down a hill toward the front of our property--with a sort of rough terracing. That area has the most sunshine so I expect eventually most of the hillside that doesn't contain large trees will end up cultivated in one way or another.

My job I think is almost certain to end soon. I expect to know for sure the beginning of next week. Hopefully I'll get a little unemployment for a while. We'll see. I will need to find another job, but it may not be so easy right now. There just aren't many openings and there's alot of competition. I expect I will do lots of gardening and scratch cooking and things like that and work on my new house with what time is freed up from losing the job. Things are going to be pretty tough for the folks who are left behind at the library--still employed. From what I can see-- they will have to shift some people from branch to branch. Our branch may only have 1 part time person left--and that's not for sure. Who will do all the work? I have no idea. They will have to cut alot of corners I'm sure--refigure things, try to find more volunteers? I don't know.

It will be something I'll just have to get used to and move on from. I'll miss folks.

This weekend my in-laws are coming to stay at the new house. We'll be camping with our air beds. We all plan to work together a few days on whatever we can at the house.

Hubby is going to try to get a shower up and running tomorrow so its there for our use. Other than that we still have the kitchen in the shed and all our toilets are hooked up. We can cook outside. Our small fridge died in the shed-but we do have another small one that we use for 'back up' in the kitchen at the house we are living in--we'll take that out to the shed instead. Otherwise we're always having to haul a cooler and ice and can't leave anything cold in the shed-if we can--less work. We also have heat/ac in the bedrooms of the new house now--but the ducts aren't quite finished on the lower level--which is fine as it hasn't heated up that much on the first floor yet and the basement is plenty cool being half underground.

We expect temps in the 80s this weekend, though its been fairly cool the past week or so. Certainly it is going to be hotters soon even though its been a very mild spring.

Yesterday I finished sowing grass in the back yard. I know its a little late for that--but I think its cool enough back there and semi-shady and I think if we set the sprinkler and keep it mulched we should get some grass. I picked up the grass seed on sale and decided to 'go for it'. Even a little grass is better than none.
We'll seed it again sometime in the fall or spring to make it thicker. It won't be a perfect lawn--but its a start and better than walking always on sand and dirt and tracking it in the house and the shed so much.

Although much has been done inside and outside on the house it will be a long time to perfect it all. That's fine. The yard is certainly nicer looking than it was at first. I've had my daughter and her boyfriend haul all the nasty used concrete blocks out of the garden. I started to frame some beds in with wood instead or with rocks or just leave mounds without any frame. Eventually the garden will be a great place for producing much of our food, seasonings and landscape plants. I have quite a few baby shrubs growing on in one bed and I made a couple of cold frames for seedlings and for rooting cuttings. I purchase just one of shrubs I like on clearance when possible. They provide the material for lots of cuttings. This is a skill I'm glad I picked up. I have enough forsythia seedlings for instance to go all across the front yard in the future--when they are a little bigger. Won't that be gorgeous in early spring some day! I have other little shrubs as well, hydrangeas for instance and I will be doing some boxwood etc I think someday I will be able to line my garden beds with formal short boxwood hedges-- made from cuttings. :)

Dream big and go for it!

That's all I want in life-- let me live my own life and we'll be great friends--and I'll let you live yours too. And perhaps we'll have some common ground to share, or some needs and wants to meet for each other.

It is when one cannot allow another that sort of freedom and courtesy that I have a problem. Then my little hackles get all out of place. :)

Ah well, for that too, there is grace.


  1. I know this is an old post, but I was just wandering around your blog. Gardening is therapuetic! Physically, spiritually, mentally. I was/am doing a master's thesis on horticultural therapy and curriculum for special needs students. I had some great experiences working with students with mental retardation and teaching them how to grow plants. Great blog.

  2. Hi Russell--I've enjoyed what I've spied on at your blog too. :)
    That's a great topic for a thesis. I can't tell you how often weeding has done more for my soul than for the onions. ;)