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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Contruction Dirt and Drywall Dust... Progress on The Dream

Things are moving along. We had a surprise the weekend my in-laws visited. We all tried to politely 'not notice' but it became something you just had to remark about. The tall (needs to be shortened) white pvc pipe sticking out from the septic field was spouting toilet and shower 'water' now and then--usually when someone flushed. Surprise!

An evening the next week was spent digging about on the septic field trying to locate the clean out--which Hubby and #2 Son did find. I then spent a morning trying to locate someone who would come out to our area and pump out septics. Why we didn't do this when we bought the house--I just can't say--it was dumb.
Anyhow, Monday morning the honey wagon man came and pumped out the septic and informed us that our suspicians about the former owner of the land were likely true--there is NO way he and his common law wife had only lived on the land for one year--as he'd told us. I think he lived there one year 'legally' after having obtained his hardship based permission to live in his RV--which he stretched to living in the shed--which is now a 'guest cottage'. I shuddered to think of this elderly couple living inside that small smelly area for all those years--or worse in their little old RV--equally an unsanitary looking dwelling. I could well believe it--as there are mounds of buried refuse here and there on the land and before he left it took days to cart away all the junk and trash on the land--except for that which didn't get carted away--which it took us months to bag up or burn. (some we still haven't completely rid ourselves of. The man did have junk. He was one of those folks who 'knew' just what his plans were for every piece of it--but oh my it was junk. Rusted, molded, termite infested and rotten--junk.


Well it isn't that way now.

Anyhow-- Hubby and I believe he may have lived on the property since 2001 when he bought the land. Two people cannot fill a septic tank that large in one year. ;) 8 or 9 years seems more likely.

Ah yes, fun.

We found out there is a very slight problem with the septic that can be remedied for free by just cutting a pipe, nobody has to crawl in there or anything. Then it should be fine and a family our size should need to pump it every 5 years--I'm going for every 2 years--cuz I just don't like the thought of letting that be that way so long. YUK!!

The joys of rural home ownership!

On to better topics-- this morning as I had my coffee out in the backyard and Mojo investigated the shrubs and chased bugs--real and imagined-- I saw a blue bird checking out the birdhouse on the garage. Up til now it has only housed sparrows. Don't know if a bluebird will be able to hold it--but he did seem interested--and very pretty.

Mojo has learned to ring a bell on the door when he wants to go outside-- which was intended for potty training--unfortunately he also finds it useful to get us to play with him --frequently! It is getting hard to get things done without jumping up to open that door!

At the new house the garden is lovely! I've picked some of our first strawberrys. Potatoes, tomatoes and peppers have flowers. Herbs and perenials are doing nicely. Volunteer squash plants have popped up all over and are nearly bearing yellow squash, thanks to the compost--apparently those seeds didn't cook.

I have a nice shady spot for sitting and another sitting spot in a different area of the yard where there is a spot for bonfires. The 'guest cottage' is cute, but still fairly primitive--it does have running water and electric, a small fridge, sink and toilet. We put our patio table in there so we could eat in there when we are working on the house. I spend alot of time preparing and carting food back and forth and also washing work clothes. I don't really work on the house myself much anymore--but when time to paint comes I expect I'll do more. It does seem that my job of getting meals and laundry and running errands etc, is valuable enough as it keeps the crew going--the younger folks and Hubby.

We now have all our ductwork finished and AC/heat on every floor. We have two working showers and toilets. Sinks are next--and as usual other things have to be done before that gets done. Hubby made a very creative door for the basement out of two doors--I'll have get a photo of that. It is very useful. It will accomodate carrying wide loads up and down the steps and part of it will lock to make it a smaller opening for people only.

One of my current projects is locating a dump where I can haul small pieces of drywall and roofing and etc that need to be dumped. The one for our county is 40 minutes drive, I am hoping we can dump closer to home--but don't know yet.

Hubby has some pressure at work--at his job--to get a project finished so he is working late--figures. So much to do all the time!

Well, today I have a full day going. I am going for my fist session of physical therapy, I also hope to meet a friend at a nursery sale and possibly pick up my own little bay tree. Then I need to freeze some chicken stock I made after dinner last night and put on dinner. Tomorrow morning I hope to go to the house early and work in the garden, and get an appointment to take Mojo to the vet near our new house for checkup and whatever shots he needs now.

I am trying to cook enough food so that leftovers of some sort can be used on days I am working at my job. It does appear likely I'll keep my job at this point--but the actual ok from the county will not come yet for a couple weeks.

It is warmer here now, nice out this morning-but it got quite warm yesterday. We have been using the pool a little bit.

The economy is effecting my son and his wife and baby. They put their condo on the market only to find that 3 other condos--bigger than theirs--in the same fairly new development are being short saled by people who have lost jobs. This means they likely will not be able to sell theirs and they cannot afford to keep it. Their situation has changed so much since the baby came. They are now more people with less income. The bank will not work with them and the 'mortgage help' that is supposed to be available from the stimulus money apparently doesn't apply to them as they don't have the right kind of mortgage and were good payers up to now. Actually I have yet to meet anyone who does fit the criteria for help under this new government program. It seems you must fit particular criteria that most folks aren't fitting. I've heard that 're-training' money is impossible to find as well for those out of work. No matter--nobody is hiring--what do you re-train to do??

I heard yesterday that even Carolinas Medical had begun to lay off some folks--though I think it was just office type people. Jobs are scarce--exremely scarce in EVERY field.

I am glad we have our place, but I do wish it was finished so we could move in. I think what will happen is we'll keep working on it in stabs and stabs and suddenly it will fall into place--hopefully soon. Its one project after another but each one brings us closer to living at 'Pokeberry Hill'. ;)

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  1. Everything at your new place seems to be coming together well. Your garden sounds lovely!

    Thanks for the information on your septic system. By your calculations, we are way past due here to have ours cleaned out. Time sure does go by quickly. We will add this to the list of things to do for this summer.