Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Deals I Found This Week!

This week I stopped in at Lowes hardware and found another gallon of good quality paint that was mis-tinted going for $7.00. This is pink. I was looking for a pink to do my outside chairs and some garden things. (lattice etc.) It isn't the exact tint I wanted but it will do. I may even retint some of it by adding some of my acrylic paint to it.

I picked up some shellac based BIN primer a couple weeks ago so I could paint metal and plastic by sanding and priming it first. I think this works better than the new plastic paints--stick better. I used shellac as a primer when I used to paint and sell mailboxes on ebay. Anyhow I have a bunch of freebie 2nd hand plastic lawn chairs that could use a paint job and I thought pink would look pretty in a garden setting.

My old patio set which I painted pink last year could use a new coat as well. I don't want to use spray paint anymore--at least not from cans--from an air tool sprayer maybe. I can't hold the little cap down on the spray cans for long without really putting some pain on my fingers.Besides it ends up costing alot more.

Another great deal:

Some weather roughened annual plants from the garden area were marked down to clearance at between 25 cents and 2 dollars. The clearance price was then cut in half so I picked up enough annual flowers--geraniums, impatiens, begonias, verbena, petunia and few others to overfill my wheel barrow for less than $8.00. These will all be planted around my new garden and yard and fertilized and mulched and should all come back very pretty and bloom for our long summer. I have found that Home Depot and Lowes mark down plants that look a little 'rough' generally in the morning. If you stop in at them early in the morning you can often find good deals. Some of the deals are ridiculously good. You won't get plants that are gorgeous from day one--but I have found that they almost always end up being just fine with a wee tad of TLC. Plants that are in full bloom get bought first and they rotate the stock very often so if a plant is between blooming or not as pretty as the rest it will often be clearanced. I've gotten nice shrubs and flowers this way.

This week BiLo grocery has a couple deals I like. Ragu Pasta Sauce for 99cents--if I find a coupon for that I'll be there!
Also chicken leg quarters for .39 a pound. I buy those for one of my kids who especially likes them--that is an excellant price. I'll buy as much as I can budget and freeze them in bags of 2 or 3. I don't shop BiLo too often. It isn't on my regular 'route' but its not so far out of the way that I can't stop by for a good deal or two.

Another good deal this week-- a Free Sunday paper with over $200 in coupons!! YEAH! The newspaper had a guy pushing a sale on delivery at the store when I was there. I already get weekend delivery, but the guy gave me a free paper anyhow-- even though I was honest. They were simply free. :-) This means I got about $400 worth of coupons this weekend. I won't use them all--but I will use enough to more than pay for my one paper. :-)

I heart deals. ;)