Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home with Sick Puppy

I'd planned to go to the house today and work but when we got up this morning we found that Mojo is not himself at all. He hasn't been running through the house making messes or trying to nip anyone or eating! He simply wants to sleep.

At first I thought that perhaps he was reacting to his last worm pill and I called the manufacturor's hotline to find out if his symptoms were from that. They said no that his lethargy was not likely from a pill he got Tuesday.

Its Sunday of course! Dogs only ever get sick when the vet is closed don't they?

An emergency vet trip is almost guarranteed to cost about $300 or more so I have to hesitate to do that. I can take him to his regular vet tomorrow morning- or when I get off work in the afternoon.

I did finally try to examine him all over and when I tried to open his mouth I found that he has a very sensitive spot on his lower jaw. Aha!

My thought is this is either a problem with his teeth or jaw or possibly he has been stung or bitten by an insect. I have already ruled out black widow as I think there'd be more serious symptoms by now. A Brown recluse I think would have shown worse symptoms too.

I did notice he seemed quietish last night after having been out in the yard a while. Possiby he was stung by a bee. He does snap at them and stalk them in the yard and yesterday he was outside just after the grass was cut--perhaps he happened upon an injured bee that had been on a clover before the mower came by?

If so--he may have been stung by a bee.

Ah so many possibilities exist!

He has had his shots on a timely basis--so we think it is unlikely he has a bad puppy illness--and the sore jaw seems to be what must be causing his behavior.

So far we are watching him and waiting and expect to see the vet first thing tomorrow if there is not improvement.

To say this has made this a difficult day is an understatement. Amazing how concerned you can be by a quiet puppy! I would far rather have him jumping on me with muddy paws or nipping at my ankles than just lying about.

Poor Mojo!

**Later update**
Mojo is being naughty again! Guess he's feeling a bit better. Also I took him outside and he immediately went out and attacked an ant hill... dunno if that is what has gotten him but I do know he has gotten some of them. Perhaps he and I share a common enemy? His little lower jaw does appear swelled a bit--I think he was stung there by something.


  1. If it was a bee sting, it's possible he'll have an even worse reaction next time he gets stung. If he's not finished with his "puppy shots", the next time you take him to the vet ask about this. Maybe keep an Epi-pen on hand, just in case.

  2. Good detective work. I hope that is all it was, was a bite. Poor Mojo! Let us know what the final determination is after you see the vet, would you? I will be worrying and praying Mojo is all back to normal real soon!!!

  3. I will be calling the vet this morning and I will definitely have him look at his mouth area and see what is there--if it is a sting or what?? He's not up out of his crate yet this morning. I am up extra early so I have not released him. I did check on him in the night and he seemed to be ok, sleeping nicely. He did get a little naughty last night again and he is eating ok and all that, just a bit quieter than usual and went to bed early. I hope he won't react badly to bee stings! Egads!Always something to worry about!

  4. Sure hope that your Mojo is back to good health quickly. Our old Angus reacted to a scorpion sting - on a Sunday night, too. He had breathing issues and it was really scary. After that, we always kept Benadryl on hand for him.