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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspection Time Again at the House.. Almost There Now!

Well we've scheduled a 'walk through' inspection today in order to see how close we might be to getting an occupancy permit so we can get going on moving to the new place. Inspectors come when they come, and someone has to 'be there' whenever that is. Hubby and I both work--so #2 Son is the designated waiter today. He's done this before. He goes to the house and waits for the guy. Hopefully we get a head's up phone call and Hubby can drive over from work and meet the guy too--but there's no guarrantee the guy will call.

Hubby and kids swept the house out nice the other day so when I went out yesterday and had a look inside I was pleasantly surprised! It just looked so nice and clean and BIG. Our current place is looking way over crowded lately.

Our extra young man is going to be moving to his dad's house to look for a job in that town. He'll visit when he can. So it is only going to be our 3 adult kids here and us. Our oldest son is in another state with his wife and baby. He is working--but due to uncovered hospital expenses with the babies birth and his wife staying home with the baby, they are struggling too. This is not a good time for young folks--it may as well be a depression I think as NOBODY is hiring them--school or no school. I hope things will improve for the kids, but it was good for us to have them home to help build the house. I wonder if we'll need so big a house for a long long time? We thought it would be nice when the kids came to visit--we didn't think they'd be staying.

Anyhow--that's how it is for many families. I have friends with adult kids living with them too.

Well, I am hoping that the inspector will give us a short list of things to do and we'll be able to get that permit in a few weeks and start moving. We'll have to keep working on the place for a long while after we move in--but at least we will already be there each day! It has been quite a chore to do this the past 6 months, driving back and forth and working around our work schedules, family visits and a couple of serious viruses in the family. The house is coming together now though. It still needs its siding finished outside--which we think we'll finish by December--if we don't have to do it before moving in. The inside is where we've been concentrating. Its a big house--3000sq ft. Biggest we've ever owned.There should certainly be room for kids and grand kids--and Great parents, and of course Mojo & the Parrots.

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