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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Painted Floors

We have used most of our budget for the first phase of our house. We will continue to improve it of course as time goes on but for now we need functionality so we can move in and use the house while we rebuild our budget to do upgrades. We think it will be a good 6 months (Hubby's estimate--mine is closer to a year) before we can afford to buy good flooring. We've decided to tile the bathroom floors--they are small and this won't have to be redone later, it will be something that's done. The rest of the house though we are painting the floors for now.

This is tricky as its not all real wood on the floor. There is some plywood but most of the subfloor is OSB. Yesterday I went out with the boys and we gave the kitchen and one bedroom and closet a first coat of oil based floor and porch paint. Today a 2nd coat shall be done and more rooms begun. I expect to do 2 coats on every room--possibly 3 in the kitchen--if it seems needful--and maybe the front hall.

This will cost us an average of about $50 per room.

I chose a neutral gray color called weathered oak. I like it. The floors that are painted look clean and a bit shiny and I think this stuff will stick pretty good. We used a latex floor paint in the cabin--it is sticking but I think I'd rather have chosen oil for cleanability and durability. The shed likely won't get as much traffic in the future so that's fine.

The OSB did soak up some paint. Each gallon says it will cover 500 feet. Not true. I would say it is more like 1/4 that. It will still be a less pricey floor covering than anything else we can do right now--and it won't have to be pried off later like cheap vinyl would--we'll be able to lay new flooring right over it when the time comes.

My goal in this project is floors that look clean and are easy to maintain and won't give us a ton of slivers or peel apart as unpainted osb would have.

I hope to pick up small rugs to put near beds and an area rug for the living room--probably not a fancy one--possibly 2nd hand ala Craigs list.

All the walls will be an off white--possibly eggshell. The woodwork will be plain white. We'll use stock paint for that job and since it will all be uniform we can touch up anything with the same can.

I've been renting a few years and have gotten used to the clean look and feel of plain white. I have seen how you can decorate any way you like with it--which is good as we tend to use 2nd hand furnishings anyhow and you don't always know what colors they will have. I have always managed to make the house look cute, I think, most of my visitors agree.

I'm off to work today and the boys will be painting more floors. We aren't done finishing the dry wall but we thought this floors could be done and that would make it easier to do clean up and to start hauling a few things to the house in preparation for moving. :) We've got until August 15 to be totally moved in. I want to make it as homey as possible by then. :-)


  1. Another source for flooring is carpet that is being removed from other homes/apts. Sometimes you can ask on Freecycle for carpet that is being removed and people will give it to you for the hauling.
    I live in a rental house with cheap tiling and have been given carpet that people didn't need. It needed to be cleaned, but hey, it's wall to wall and easily removed (it's just sitting on top of the flooring, not installed).

  2. Good Point! Brings back a memory... My Dad brought me some used carpet for our first house. He got it at a house he was painting. It was lovely--but whenever it was damp or rainy outside this haunting memory of its former life would waft up into the air-- the former owner's Kitty had left its mark! LOL.. oh my I remember.. it was truly gruesome smelling. (after washing)