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Monday, June 15, 2009

So? How'd it Go?...

Well I did get to the house fairly early--before 9. I made a pot of coffee out there and started working on those weeds and other things.

About weeding in a chair-- forget about it!

Daughter and I set to work weeding the berry patch and the onions that are planted in the middle of it. Since it is a grass that has gotten in there (is it from the straw mulch I put on earlier?--note to self--use pinestraw for winter--no seeds!).. well anyhow, since it is a grass, it needs to be pulled up by the roots and shook to get the dirt off. The dirt is very sandy so its not hard to pull up--but it is a great deal of grass. I had tried hoeing this stuff earlier and it just came back. Now it has gotten quite large and when it comes up--there is a great deal of it in a clump--runners going out in all directions. The chore is not as bad as it sounds--but it was not a one morning chore. Especially since I am working on not overdoing I gave it a good start but took several breaks and I did it the old fashioned way, pulled it up with gloved hands.

Sitting on an overturned bucket worked ok for a while. I think 'sitting' may work--and did relieve my back alot--but I don't apparently own the correct item for sitting upon--I will have to look into what to use for that and make a purchase some time in the future.

Other things I did yesterday--well Hubby has been dismantling parts of a deck the former owner built, leaving short lengths of treated 4x4 lumber. He knows how I'm always looking for things to line beds with and he had #2 Son pile them up behind my garden. It was kind of like a little surprise present. :)

I had emptied my 2nd compost bin at the rented house and brought along 2 tubs of compost,(there are still two more to bring next time). Using some of the wood and a big galvanized wash tub I created a few new 'small beds' on that piece of garden that is so undiggable but gets full sun between the shade garden and the berry patch. I filled the new beds with compost and some lime and 10-10-10. I planted one with my watermelon seedling and haven't quite decided what to put in the other two yet. I plan to make a couple more little beds next time I go to the house--probably Wednsday.

I moved both my compost bins out of the shady spot they were in, Hubby objected to their presence there as it is a spot we all like to sit down and just enjoy the shade the plantings and birds. We often eat lunch there when we are at the house. I put the bins at the far end of the garden in full sun where they will cook faster. I was surprised to find that the the one I brought out there a few months ago was full of useable compost--more black gold! (brown?) Very exciting how fast this stuff cooks in those bins! I am building beds more 'on top' of the garden than digging in. The ground is pretty hard and the 'top soil' which is mainly sand is not very deep. Its ok for strawberries but not so good for deep rooted plants. Using layers of compost I hope to build up good raised beds in the future--for free.

I emptied the bin and set up both bins anew and then threw all that grass I'd pulled in them to get going on the next batch of good stuff.

It is good to have that little pretty shaded sitting area in the garden. It has drawn Hubby's interest in my gardening. He is now much more aware of what I do and how and why and appreciates the garden and compost and such like more. He loves sitting there and wants to build a small deck behind the 'cabin' and put in a small pond near it, as part of my garden. That of course is a far future project as Hubby is still working on the house.

Yesterday in the house the boys put up some handrails and spindles to make the basement stairs safer, the day before they replaced the old osb steps with wood as they had done for the upstairs steps. These are things that have to be done to get an occupancy permit. The last inspection also revealed that the landing on the basement stairs had to be 6 inches wider.

I kind of envy folks who live in such rural places that they don't have to have a parade of inspections. Other than checking that things are safe--I wish the inspectors could just sign off and let us do as we like with our own place... we'll see. We are still waiting for them to let us know what hurdles are before us next.

In the house the work really is not for me. I am happy to contribute my gardening skills and my plants and make something pretty for us to enjoy. I also make meals. I didn't leave by noon as I had expected. Instead I cooked for everyone. We had some burgers and chips but also had a rice dish I made in the microwave and some fresh yellow squash and sweet banana peppers grilled with a fresh herbs all from the garden. :) Hubby loves to eat from the garden.

Mojo enjoyed the day, he loves going to the house even though he spends a good deal of his time there on a long tie out.

This morning I have to work early so I took Mojo for his walk in the dark. He was waiting and happy to see me when I got up. I usually walk him after the sun is up, this was different, but very enjoyable. Now that I am taking shorter walks it is not at all hard to squeeze them in twice a day. Mojo and I are both doing well this way.

His training is coming along very well. He hasn't had any accidents in the house lately and he is bonding well with us and biting less and less--yeah! I was really getting tired of the puppy biting. After we had tried everything else we finally just started to put him in his crate if he would come and bite again after a warning or two. It took about 2 days for him to catch on that people do not play like puppies do--and HATE to be bitten.

He's a smart guy, I think he's nearly done with that puppy behavior.

He has now learned to sit and to shake paws--very cute! We still need to get 'come' and 'stay' down. He walks nicely on his leash though.

Concentrating on the simple things it does seem we will have a good dog soon. Right now we have a puppy who is an awful lot bigger than he was when we got him--and still cute as a button. ;)

Oh-- yes--nearly forgot, when we got home from the house we did enjoy the pool. ;)

Happy Monday!

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