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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Progress on the House

Well, I had a rough week last week. My neck/shoulders/back over-reacted it seems to some soft tissue work I had at my physical therapist. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I found myself feeling ill much of the week and then by the end of the week my neck muscles had tightened up so much I could not move my head and my upper back was just stooping. Lots of ice and ibuprofen brought it all under control by Sunday, but needless to say--I didn't do much at the house--again. :(

The family however has been busy! Yeah and I did let my fingers do the walking over to Craigslist where I found a good deal on appliances for our kitchen.

All the floors have now been painted with an oil base floor paint, 2 coats in high traffic areas. We will use this as our flooring along with some 5x7 rugs until we can afford something nicer--hopefully in the not too distant future. The bathrooms are getting tile floors--we've purchased the tile but Hubby has been very busy at work lately finishing a project that is under deadline--so he hasn't been able to work much at the house. He hopes that he'll have time for that on the 4th of July weekend.

Construction Mess/Tools:
The kids have been hauling all our equipment to the basement to set up a new work area and storage areas. They have put up some big garage type storage shelf units and are working on emptying the house of all construction debris and supplies so that it will be clean enough to move into. We have alot of dry wall and doors and lumber that we don't need stored on the back porch --hopefully we'll be able to get rid of that soon too. Harder as we need a truck or traier to do it and the nearest dumps are not very near. That's a task on my 'get it done' list.

I purchased from one seller on Craigslist a matching set of white appliances, all clean and fairly new-- a few years old. I got us a huge 26.5 cu. ft side by side fridge with ice and water dispenser in the door! A nice self cleaning oven, a dishwasher and an over the oven microwave with exhaust fan. Our kitchen is equipped! Hubby is using the old wood cabinet I found on the curb last year as a 'model' to buid the rest of the rest of our cabinets. He has the sink unit up--but the doors and drawers aren't in it. There is a countertop though and working sink and faucet.

My chore this week:
I will mainly be packing and hauling small things from closets and cupboards--the things we don't use every day. I'm hoping to have all those things moved to the proper rooms this week and to have the remaining construction debris all cleaned up. I only work one day this week so I have lots of time for this! My hope is that when Hubby is ready to 'really move' I'll have a huge part of the job already done. I like to get a jump start on things as I always figure something could come up I wasn't counting on and cause too much stress at the last minute.

The Garden:
I HAVE to go to the house more often~ to water mainly. Yesterday I was there a short time and watered the plants. I found them parched and panting for water in this heat wave. Its been pretty darn hot and not much for rain lately and the garden really hasn't got the best soil yet-- we need much more compost! So this contributed to them getting too dry. My poor baby dogwood tree has burnt looking leaves!

The peppers love the heat! I have lots of pepppers coming and picked some sweet bananas and some jalapenos. I also picked a couple of good ripe tomatoes--a yellow and a red one. Many of the tomato bushes need to be treated for blossom end rot--which is disappointing. I need to get out there and spray the leaves with calcium chloride 2oz to water 1 gallon. About 3 weekly treatments should help. I had put lime in when I planted, but it appears there was so little calcium available to the plants in our poor soil that lime didn't do the trick as it usually does for me.

Once we live in our house I will be able to step up producing compost, and I also hope to meet some neighbors that I have noticed have donkeys or cows--and discuss getting some manure from them. We'll have that land fertile in no time! :)

Its exciting to see things moving along now. We need to move soon! I just want to be in my own house so much. :)

I am thankful for all my kids. They really have stepped up and done almost all the work on this house for us. I feed them and shelter them and in exchange they have hauled and wired and drywalled and plumbed with thier Dad's and my guidance.

It reminds me so much of an old proverb I read when my kids were all little and the house was such a mess with 4 kids all small and needing me so much.

Proverbs 14:14
Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

I used to encourage myself with that verse thinking someday these little mess makers would prove themselves useful--and they have. :)

This experience has not been without stress and trouble but it sure has been worthwhie for us as a family. I know I'll look back on it in my life as a good time.

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