Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At Home... Packing

I've got the rest of this week off so I am starting to pack. I would like to have most of the smaller things we don't use daily taken to the house before we start our official move. I'm slow sometimes getting things done, so I'm trying to get a head start. Also--you just never know what weird thing will happen at the last minute and I don't like last minute stress. :)

This morning I went over to Harris Teeter where they had promised to save me boxes. I asked for 30. I got there and found they had my 30 boxes ready and conveniently broken down and put in a grocery cart. I have Hubby's jeep today so I just took them out and put them in. :)

I put my boxes in a corner of the kitchen and began to pack. So far I have 4 boxes packed and a couple of plastic containers and I am making a pile in the front hallway for my kids to grab from and take to the new house whenever they are heading that way--or me or Hubby. Someone goes to the house now just about every day. My thought is when anyone goes to the house they take some stuff and they water the garden a little.

Things are moving along!

I've just taken all my decorative items down from above the kitchen cabinets; my tea pot collection and my antique canister set. I'm washing and packing them.

I have some plain 3x5 cards and some wide markers and I label each box with the location it goes in the new house and then detail a bit with a finer pen to tell me what's in the box more specifically.

Busy busy. Our family wants to gather at our house for Christmas this year, I'm considering it but not sure yet. If we do that my Mom can come and stay a while--so maybe that's the best idea. We'll see. I think-- the house is certainly big enough for company its just not very attractive yet-- mainly bare bones for function until we have more $.

Well, I guess I need to get up and work some more. :)


  1. I say go for the Christmas is gonna be a blast having everyone there...even if the house isn't completely will be a happy memory forever!!

  2. maybe... then again, Florida is nice too. ;) My inlaws have a great place in Ft. Myers beach--always fun to go there. I worry a wee bit about safety for baby Ruby as she will be just about 1 when they come. Probably crawling well and starting to walk--our new place is maybe not 'baby soft'