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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Night's Sleep and and a Naughty Puppy

I slept so well last night! I just can't say how important it is to get to sleep and really rest. I guess it takes a lengthy bout of insomnia to drive that point home. Last night I slept well enough to actually have a long dream. It was a weird dream--but nonetheless it does mean I got some actual sleep.

How'd it happen?

Well yesterday I did write that I was going to be making prayer more of a priority--I really think that's the thing. I know f at least a dozen things going on in my life that I have felt powerless over-- relationship situations, worries about finances, the new house, kids, an elderly parent, my job, and etc.. I think the sum total of all these has just been literally riding my back 24/7. That and the advice offered by some which isn't always helpful either, serving only to make one feel worse for not being able to 'fix' the world.

Anyhow--I just started to pray when I feel upset. In the morning I lifted the whole kit and kaboodle of concerns to the Lord and gave its care to Him. Later, at bedtime I prayed for rest and sleep. I also asked for encouragement and I read a little bit in a book and went to sleep. When I awoke I had slept nearly the entire night and didn't feel tense at all! First time in quite a while. NO drugs needed, just prayer. :)

Well anyhow this morning the worst difficultly I am having is my puppy being naughty. He is full of morning time puppy power and I am not going to take him for his long walk--instead I am taking him to our house so I can tend my garden--but he has to wait a little while. Waiting is not a Mojo specialty. Currently he is outside on his tie out having already tried to murder another african violet from my plant table.

Last night Hubby worked on training Mojo not to jump in my lap when I am sitting in the living room. He kept a leash on him in the house and made him sit or lay down and stay 'quiet' in the house. It helped a great deal and Mojo did seem to want to be a good boy this morning--at least until Hubby went to work... then it was like a light switch was flipped and the naughty Mojo came to life. So... I just escorted him outside where he is now so I can have a cup of coffee and a shower before I take him for his ride and country play time.

One thing for sure, I'm glad I am enjoying the morning better--less tired and not so stressed feeling. I've made a decision about my job--I've decided not to decide until after we move. That way I can see if I am up to the long drive or not. My car is fixed! Yeah! So that's another good thing. All that other stuff--well-- some of course is long term stuff, but its ok, its in God's hands and I plan to continue to let it stay there--even if I have to peel it off my own back on occassion and remind myself that God will handle it all.

Stress free in Pokeberry this morning! Except that puppy.

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