Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out at My Garden, New Decision on My Job

Hubby fixed my car last night and so I was able to take Mojo and go for a drive out to our new place and check on my garden. Happily we've had alot of rain this week so it is doing well inspite of my neglect. Also I noticed my sons or Hubby had hooked up sprinklers to cover the veggies and my shadey bed with the banana trees in it--which need alot of water. So since it had been cared for so well I was able to just let the sprinklers run a bit while Mojo and I walked in the woods and he played in the little stream at the bottom of Pokeberry Hill.

It was wonderful to go out there and see the plants all doing well and I discovered a few things. One is that there are lots of little green maypops growing on the hill from the wild passion flower plants. I need to find a maypop jam recipe. :)

Mojo had a great time and is now resting and dirty again. ;)

One thing though, my car is still not running well.

The problem it had last week was fixed but apparently it has other problems. I guess a 13 year old car will have its days. I think it will be ok to take to work tonite and tomorrow probably but I can see it is time to make that decision and give my notice at work. No sense putting a long drive twice a day a few times a week on it when it is getting old and I really don't make enough money at my part time job to make it worth buying a new car right now. Hopefully with less driving it will last a year or more longer while we get in the position to buy another vehicle again--after we have done more on our house.

I've delayed this decision for awhile now. I didn't want to be laid off--I guess because I never have been before and I'd rather work than get unemployment. Just my personal preference. Anyhow though I knew that once we moved I'd have to take stock on this question--is it just too far to drive?

Well the car has decided to give her opinion and I do love my old car, it doesn't seem right to make her work too much in her dotage. ;)

I thought of things I can do if I'm at home without interruption--like more garden things, more scratch cooking and work at finishing our house, or helping my kids get going in school and such like. I guess too I would be able to take time off with Hubby to see our grandbaby or my out of state relatives without having to ask a boss for days off. There are pros.

I feel peace about it now. I had to decide and I'm done. One thing off my 'list'.

The rest of the list is still in God's hands and with time and prayer will work itself out.

We have also set our moving date--it is finally set. We will move next Saturday. Its sort of a funny day to pick as I am working--but the family is going to do this without me. Not a problem. Hubby, sons and daughter are all physically more able than I am. All I need to do is make sure things are labeled so they get in the right places. I also will supply dinnner when I get off work. :)

Pokeberry Hill will have a gardener that is present daily soon. :) Tis good.


  1. Mary,

    Your blog photo is so beautiful! Very refreshing and cooling to look at.

    We understand the car situation. We just bought a new-to-us used car a couple weeks ago as our main vehicles are 16 and 20 years old. So we are covered should one of them break down and it is a relief to not need to worry about it.

    Hope your move to Pokeberry Hill goes smoothly and Sunday morning finds you sipping coffee and enjoying your new gardens there!

    Tramp #2

  2. How nice you won't have to work...or will you look for something nearer to your new house? So many days I wish I could be free of having to work...I need to rob a bank! LOL!
    My kids are with us for 3 weeks until they move into their apt. and it is so hectic here...but lots of love to go around!!!
    Good luck with your move!!! Very exciting!!!!!!!

  3. P.S. Love your new Morning Glory header! Beautiful and soft! Like your new name too!!!