Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where'd She Go??

No, I'm not dead or sick or missing.. just busy. ;)

We are planning to move next week. Its been a busy time for us and things haven't gone swimmingly all the time--but we're persevering. Right now we're just waiting for the electric coop to come move our electric box-- dunno wha'ts taking them so long. I am not sure we need that done before we move in--it would be nice though.

The garden has been producing and I'm starting more seeds for a fall crop too. :) Although it is alway a challenge to dig new ground and start over--and the dirt at our new place is p_ _ _ poor, I still think its worth having all the fresh veggies.

I've got a pot of gumbo on the stove this morning. I used a bunch of okra that I was given from someone's garden as well as sausage and chicken and shrimp that I had in my freezer from really good sales. My garden provided peppers. This morning I was at the grocery store and saw that fresh okra there is over $3 for about 1/2 a pound! In fact all the veggies are crazy priced--especially since so many are in season. One watermelon can go as high as nearly $5. I have melons growing away on Pokeberry Hill and tomatoes and herbs and eggplant and squash and beans, etc.. I look forward to picking from the garden when I actually live right there too. :)

Things have progressed in so many ways. Little Mojo now weighs in at just about 50 pounds of german shepherd puppy. He's teething and has been a handful. He is learning however and some of his good boy moments are pretty impressive.

Things have been busy at my job where I've been kind of glad I'm only part time lately. I wonder how the full timers take the pounding of all those books every day, I at least get breaks.

Well.. my gumbo is simmering and laundry is washing and I've done my errands and chores--now I get to rest up til its time for work. I'm spending some time lately writing but not for this blog. I want to see if I can put together some articles for publication. We shall see. :)


  1. How exciting about the move Mary! Great you already have all that garden stuff growing at the new house!!!

    My son and his wife and two kids are coming home from Army (Germany) on Thursday this week...I am so happy and so excited... I may not be around for a while until I get them situated in their new apt. and help get daycare and schools arranged and just all of the babysitting and playing with the kids I can possibly squeeze in...:)

    But I will be back as soon as I can and am looking forward to hearing all about the move and new house!!!

  2. I am so excited for you Julie!! Imagine having the grandbabies near you!! Wonderbar!!!