Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, August 9, 2009

At the House... "borrowing" Wifi..

We don't have cable yet, but one of our neighbors has wifi and at times we are able to log on. I'm glad as I got some new pix of my grandaughter by email after we moved, thanks to the borrowed wifi I was able to see her crawling! I've only met my grandbaby the one time--when she was about a month old. I'll see her again at Christmas when she will be nearly one. Wow. She's crawling all about and saying "Dadadada" such nice things to hear about our Ruby.

Well the new house does have work to do and I am still moving things from the old one and cleaning it. Today I went and got our little parrots who spent the night at the old house alone. I took their big cage outside and cleaned and hosed it and they went into the little kitty carrier that we keep for transporting them. We have it set up for parrots with a little wood ladder inside that they they perch on whenever the family migrates. They are now sleeping in the clean parrot cage, here in the new house, next to Mojo's crate.

Mojo loves the new house, he runs to the windows and goes up and downstairs. At the old house he could not go in bedrooms or the hall because we didn't allow him on the landlord's carpet--thus that part of the house was gated off. Now he has the run of the house, but he must sleep in his crate and take naps when he's too rambunctious or we are having dinner or away.

I've been too busy to really just sit much and enjoy the view here or get to my garden. Hubby picked a big batch of peppers this evening, he picked mainly habeneros, but also jalapenos, banana peppers and some tiny tabascos. He loves hot peppers and is always tweaking his homemade pepper sauces. I gave my boss a sample of some and he had to run from the room for water--guess it was hot enough. ;)

So far since we got in the house we have the laundry all hooked up, clothes poles and shelves installed in closets and in the laundry and shelves put up for the kitchen pantry. We don't have all our cabinets yet and are 'making do' for a while with various things. I am using a dresser for some storage and to hold small appliances beneath the big upper cupboard unit that I rescued from the curb last year--it turned out to be perfect for our dishes and daily use bowls and glasses. We are going to keep it and replace the clear plexiglass panels with wood--so the doors will be nicer. The 'new' used appliances work great so far that we got from craigslist.

I found some nice area rugs for $88 at Lowes. They are 8x12 berber with edging. I found one that looks very nice in our living room and matches perfectly with the floor paint we used. It also looks good with the furniture. :) I bought another one for our bedroom and it matches our bedding and I picked up some sheets to make curtains of that go well with all of it. Each of our kids got a 5x7 rug for $20 to $25, and sheets to make curtains of as well. I got the sheets for $2 and $3 each twin flat sheet. For my daughter she has a natural rug that we used to use in the living room made of jute. I picked up two bamboo beach mats for $2 each and she is using those as blinds on her windows. She loves the look--the blinds roll up and tie with a perky blue tropical fabric 'wrap and tie' that was already sewn on.

Tonight Hubby is busy installing a shower door on our downstairs bathroom. We have two bathrooms now and soon hope to have our master done too. First I think we will complete the work outside-- finish the siding so the house looks prettier, and hopefully grate the land--we're trying to figure out how to do that. Hubby is allowed to use some equipment from work--but he has to transport it. He can get something that will move dirt around and keep it a week or so--long enough to smooth out the ground, remove tree stumps and spread topsoil--but we need to have something to bring it to our house as well as topsoil to spread. So we need to figure out how that will work--probably something we'll do early this fall. Inside the house- well we need to do woodworking and finish the walls, priming and painting. Plenty to do.

I am wondering how it will be when I start driving to work from the new house, will I want to keep this job or not? Hard to say right now. It is a longggg drive especially with so much to do that I'm already a bit tired before I go to work. We shall see. I also know that we could sure use my paychecks and that another job is not going to be jumping out at me anytime soon-- our new home is in a county with 20+% unemployment. Yikes.

It is nice here all in all. We sometimes sit on the porch and hear all manner of birds, some sounds we've never hears. I see mockingbirds especially on a giant pokeberry plant outside my diningroom window. The hummingbirds like the poke too.

Our stuff looks 'just right' to me in the new house. I like the layout of the house now more than I did before we actually moved in. It was hard to picture it then.

Maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures--actually I'm not even sure where the cord for my camera is right now.. and boy I'm about ready for bed.

Enjoying Pokeberry Hill. Our own place. :)


  1. Pokeberry Hill sounds like heaven on earth! Congrats! You're home!!!

  2. Congratulations on moving in!! I am very happy for you as it has been quite a long process. I can't wait to see some photos of the inside. You and your family have done an amazing lot of work. Best Wishes!