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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Get Rid of Drywall Dust..

Move in day is 2 days away. One of the chores I'm working on is getting the dust down to size. When you dry wall a whole house there's an awful lot of dust!

Here's how I'm doing it.

I picked up a couple of floor squeegies at Lowes. They have lots of styles I just went with the cheapest which were under $6 each. I got two and we stuck them on broom handles--they don't fit perfect but they stay on well enough.

I also got some bags for our shop vac because otherwise the dust kept clogging it and then it would all shoot out the back--thus defeating the purpose of vacuuming. With the bags I can vacuum quite alot with no trouble at all. So far I've used two of them and the top floor is done, 2nd floor about 1/4 done.

The third cleaning items I have are deck mops and buckets and rags and some orange scented cleaning liquid--I happened to buy Mr. Clean-- I don't have a preference I just wanted something with citrus in it to make things smell less like dust.

My method is working really well so far.

We wiped down all the walls and ceilings on day one using damp rags.

I had the kids help, they just kept rinsing and wringing out the rags and wiping the walls. This cut alot of dust from walls and ceilings right away. The rags were wet enough to grab the dust but not soaking wet enough to mess up the drywall.

Day two and three we attacked floors.

First every hard surface floor ( they are all hard surface as we haven't got carpet yet) gets squeegied. The squeeegie works better than a broom because it doesn't kick up as much dust as a broom. Instead it just pushes the dust into piles that we then picked up with a big dustpan and threw away.

Once the floor is squeegied, we used the shop vac with a filter bag in it. We have a hose and floor attachment on our shop vac that Hubby made from a the vacuum hose, a peice of pvc instead of a vacuum wand and a floor attachment from our old vacuum make a good floor cleaner. (low buck too!) We go over the whole floor with the shop vac and also make sure the windows are vacuumed.

Last the floor gets wet mopped repeatedly. This is where the orange scented cleaning solution came in handy. The whole house is starting to smell much better and cleaner! We used about a half cup of Mr. Clean in a big bucket of water and swabbed our floor with the deck mops. I had the kids work as a team. My daughter mopped a floor and her boyfriend followed right behind her and re-mopped it. A third or fourth mopping is even better.

Areas that are done being mopped get rugs and mats immediately to keep more dust from being tracked back in.

Today I hope to get all the windows cleaned and covered and all the floors finished up so we'll be ready for our move this weekend. We're almost home now!

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  1. Wow. Mary...such a huge process...but necessary! I'm glad it is all working out, and you can move in in just a few more days!!! YEAHHH!!!