Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, August 10, 2009

Hummingbird Morning

I'm perched here at the top of Pokeberry Hill in my dining room looking out at the woods and the garden. I've been watching the birds come for breakfast. Sadly my feeders are all pretty much empty--although I did bring supplies to fill them--I've just been so busy!

The most noticeable little visitors to Pokeberry Hill this morning are the hummingbirds. Because I can see such a large view from these big windows they are distant enough to me that they look as if they are fairies playing in the garden and woods. They fly up and down and all over the place, stopping at flowers of canna or poke or whatever they find in the garden. They do keep checking the sugar water feeders as well--though I am well aware there's nothing in those at the moment.

Down the hill I can see big white wild morning glories in bloom and in the garden I think my watermelon is ready to pick. I will be so glad when I am done running to the old house and can just stay home and enjoy our home and garden--and of course work on it too. ;)

Today is a go to the old house and keep on emptying things and cleaning day. Tomorrow and Wednesday and Friday I have work so I am not going to add trips to the old house--just today and Thursday and then I MUST be done. The weekend therefore will be 'free' I'll be all done moving and I'm not working!

Its been very hot here the past several days, I need to water my garden and I think I should take Mojo walking as he is very rambunctious at the moment. The little parrots-- Bubba and SweetPea have awakened to their new surroundings and are a little quiet this morning, no doubt nervous--as birds will be when there are changes. They will warm to it all in a day or two. Mojo had no problem with the change at all--he just loves an adventure and as a puppy is always ready for something.

Well I am hoping to meet a neighbor so I can ask about trash pick up out here--I am not sure what company to call and this will be an important issue soon. We could just drive the trash to the dump but that's not really much fun--especially after its been in the heat here a few days.

Time to get a going on the day here I guess. As usual there is more to do than I can do, as there will be usually for a while longer.

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