Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hummingbird Wars

I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the Hummingbird wars all about the Pokeberry tree. (really big weed--but pretty)

I put two feeders in the tree yesterday but one has tipped somehow--I imagine it is empty. The other is a hub of Hummingbird activity. They are swooping and chasing all about the garden and the poke plant. I've also seem some titmice this morning feeding at my old feeder which I've repainted pink this year--it gets a new paint job every year. They feed and then sometimes fly about the garden to various trees or even to the poke plant to rest as well. Perhaps they are nibbling berries--I don't know. I know the Mockingbirds like them. Currently there must not be many uneaten ripe berries as I don't see the Mockers out there right now. I'm sure as more berries come ripe they will be back. At times there have been as many as five of them on it.

The wild morning glory is gorgeous this morning. It grows over the blackberry brambles and other wild flowers all along the bottom of our hill. It is white with a rosey center.

Mojo and I have had our walk, I've started a couple loads of laundry already and some dishes left from late night young people. I've also given the garden a good watering. It is warm out-- of course.

Ahhh.. here is a mockingbird now--I suppose his friends will be along shortly.

I'm tired this morning, not really sure which task to begin here. It is the birthdy of Hubby and #2 Son today. I think perhaps a good task to start with is a special birthday dinner with favorite foods of them both. Perhaps homemade pizza with a nice dessert? I need to make a trip out to Sam's club soon--perhaps I could fit that in this morning--if I go very soon. I am out of some staples we get there--in particular peanut oil--which I use in so many things. I was planning to do that tomorrow on my lunch hour--but really I should spend some time resting at lunch time as Friday can be a long day at the library.

Our house guest has begun his new job and is already working a good amount of hours. I am hoping #2 or #3 Son might get on at the same place. It would be so good if more of the young folks had jobs right now--we've been footing alot of bills here while they have been unable to find work. This time of year there is a little window of opportunity I think for jobs in the retail sector especially. Our guest has gotten a job in receiving at Sears and will be unloading trucks and doing various chores. There is very high unemployment in our area--down near where we live in in our own county is over 20% but-- they are looking in the county adjacent to us where it is not quite so bad--someplace around 15% I think. Now that we have moved in here, job hunting is getting much more attention than it was. Daughter also needs a job.

I have been looking at a little mobile home down the road from us that has been abandoned-somewhat recently. The owners or tenants left it in shabby shape--didn't even lock up apparently. I have met the woman next door. I was just encouraging our housegues to find out about it if he can--maybe I will help him. Perhaps it is somethig that could be rented cheaply or could be purchased rent to own? Often in our area there are mobile homes or even old houses that need work and the owners will sell them or rent them in special arrangements to people willing to repair them. We nearly bought one of those before we found this house.

Well off I go to switch out some laundry and I think I will go out to Sams then and pick up some things and come home and get that special dinner going-pizza or not? dunno-- maybe. :)

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