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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hummingbirds and Car Trouble..

Well its been an eventful day or two. We have two 'hoods up' vehicles this week. My son's car still needs a clutch replaced--turns out on his car you have to remove the engine and transmission to get at the clutch--fun. So that would a project for this weekend. Hubby's jeep wouldn't start this morning and it took about 30 frantic minutes to figure out where the keys were to his old camaro (backup car) so he could get to work. This weekend is his and #2 son's birthday--they share one. I guess they will also have the common 'fun' of fixing their vehicles. I did a quick search on Craigslist for used pickups--I feel like we ought to just try to get one of those rather than fix that poor old jeep again. We can't really afford it--but I dunno--maybe we could stretch far enough after payday--just try... dunno.

Living 'cash only' is not an easy thing. It is something we made up our minds to try to do always after we went through 3 years of employment problems and no longer had anything that used to have a lien or mortgage on it-- when you have payments on a thing--you don't really own it--is what we concluded.

We figure we would rather own a rust bucket than make payments on something shiny. Still--there are times--when this plan is more difficult for awhile--and sure enough its usually when everything else is stretched too.

Ahh yes.... good times. ;)

Yesterday I cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders and I decided to hang them in that big pokeweed 'tree'. So I have hummingbirds feeding their now, which is nice as I can see them well from here. I have seen lots of titmice and gold finches at the other feeders this week. I'm getting ready to leave for my long trek to work now-- I have the sprinkler running in the garden and will turn it off when I head to the car.

It was just wonderful going back to work yesterday. My co-workers and the volunteers at the library are just the warmest, nicest bunch of folks. It tugs my heart that I am likely going to be leaving. I have to admit the drive is LONG--it would be unrealistic for me to keep the job--but-- the drive home seemed ok. I guess less long- dunno why. I came just before 10pm and saw the lights in my house from the street below and in the dark it looked like a pretty house--you couldn't see the missing siding upstairs or anything that would mar the view. I felt so happy coming home.

I guess I asm still torn about changing jobs at this moment. Part of me says its worth the drive to work there--but part of me says-- 'what are you nuts?'.

ah well, we shall see. :)

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